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Looking Beyond the Basics of Exfoliation

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Exfoliation and aesthetics simply go hand-in-hand. Aestheticians have been using exfoliation means in the form of chemicals, enzymes and scrubs for decades and have an understanding of skin biology that allows them to recognize the characteristics of healthy skin at any age. Exfoliation is a critical process in skin rejuvenation and the maintenance of healthy skin. Regular exfoliation can help improve skin appearance, smooth the texture of the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a more even skin tone by visibly reducing the signs of hyperpigmentation.

In the past 20 years, the aesthetics industry has evolved and grown, yet the means of exfoliation have remained tried and true. One thing that has changed is the beauty industry as a whole. Exfoliating products, chemical peels and at-home microdermabrasion kits have created a variable for all aestheticians to consider before performing an exfoliation treatment. As beneficial as exfoliation may be, there is its opposite, over exfoliation. Every aesthetician should comprehend the fundamentals and the process of exfoliation to offer a treatment with beneficial and long lasting results.
One of the most important tools an aesthetician has is three of the five senses: sight, touch and sound. These senses should be used simultaneously in the treatment room for every aspect of the service. During the consultation process, actively listen to the client and make note of what they may be using at home. Perform a skin analysis with the eyes and hands, these senses may tell you a lot about the skin and help determine the treatment path. Does the skin show visible signs of dehydration, sun damage, capillary damage, wounds or breakouts? Color is another important observation. Is the client's skin multiracial or have more red, brown or yellow tendencies? Do they have any signs of over-exfoliation: Increased sensitivity, redness, increased dryness or dehydration? Feel the skin for surface imperfections, warmth, hydration and turgor. Performing an active consultation can help determine which treatment path is best suited for the client.Exfoliation procedures may be classified into three simple groups – mechanical, chemical and enzyme – and measured by the levels of exfoliation they may achieve. When the exfoliation process is achieved with a common scrub, shaving, dermaplaning or microdermabrasion it is called mechanical exfoliation; it requires the work of a tool or product in motion to remove very superficial layers of skin. One of the interesting aspects of mechanical exfoliation is that the depth of exfoliation can vary greatly from one tool to another. For example, dermaplaning has become a popular treatment for aestheticians to perform. Plastic surgeons performed dermaplaning procedures long before aestheticians discovered the procedure, by using a scalpel to essentially plane dead skin down to the papillary dermis for skin rejuvenation. Aestheticians have learned to modify the procedure to help remove unwanted vellus hair from the face. A beneficial alternative to a facial waxing procedure. Performing a chemical peel or enzyme exfoliation before the dermaplaning or microdermabrasion process in the treatment room may accelerate the result you can achieve for sun damaged or non-inflamed acneic skin types.

Chemical peels are classified into several groups (alpha or beta hydroxy acids, acid-enzyme blends, Jessner or TCA) with the concentration or strength being measured by percentage, pH and the solution suspension or buffering.
All of these factors will help determine whether the chemical peel is left on the skin for absorption or if it is neutralized within a specific time period. Peel strength and blend may also determine the type of skin the chemical should be used on for the best result. For example, dry skin benefits more from the moisturization results from a lactic acid, whereas an oily problematic skin will benefit from a pore refining and oil-minimizing salicylic acid. Sun damaged skin may receive accelerated benefits from a combination of glycolic acid and microdermabrasion or a single superficial to medium treatment with a TCA or Jessner solution. Chemical peels can be beneficial when used as directed and on the appropriate skin type. A salicylic acid treatment followed by ultrasonic technology may increase the risk of skin irritation and dehydration on some clients.
Most acids are water-soluble or partially soluble in water. Alpha hydroxy acids – depending on the strength and suspension – may continue to penetrate through the layers of skin until neutralized with blood. Hence, why aestheticians should always monitor the skin for signs of over-exfoliation and follow the manufacturer's instruction during a treatment. For example, a chemical peel with added enzymes applied then neutralized could promote improved moisturization and retention after the treatment.This same peel may also be used with steam or hot towels, or left on the skin for a longer period, yet result in a chemical or first-degree burn that may require more down time for healing and re-epithelialization. Without proper application or instruction, a client may suffer from burning, weeping, crusting, hyperpigmentation, inflammation or irritation of the skin, or have an allergic reaction. Aside from basic chemical solutions, superficial to mid-depth chemical exfoliation may result in scarring, lines of demarcation, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. One of the most important aspects of performing a chemical peel of any kind is for the aesthetician to have proper training and licensing with the different solutions and to educate the client on the importance of skin care at home.
Exfoliation followed by daily sun protection is vital to help maintain the anti-aging benefits received from these treatments. Tanning is the skin's natural response to ultraviolet radiation. It involves the process of melanogenesis and keratinization to produce a natural sun shield and help protect the underlying layers of skin and body tissues. As the skin is exfoliated, this protective layer is damaged and the newly surfaced cells are more susceptible to sun burn and damage. Anti-aging procedures are generally designed as treatments to help reverse the signs of sun damaged skin. Exfoliation is one of the primary means to help accelerate the results and improve the absorption of amino peptides, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. Without sun protection, the results may be short-term and there may be unknown long-term consequences for repeated sun exposure after exfoliation.

In recent years, professional exfoliation treatments have become readily available with group coupons and clientele can purchase "professional" peel products, prescription retinol and at-home microdermabrasion machines over the Internet. The ultimate question is what can aestheticians do to help educate them on the pros and cons of exfoliation, while maintaining the safest and most beneficial procedures in the treatment room? Professional skin care providers must make an active effort to keep their personal education up-to-date, follow the rules of exfoliation, and educate their clientele on the importance of exfoliation, home care andsun protection.

A skin care professional in all aspects of the aesthetic industry, Tina Zillmann is a practicing aesthetician, business owner and director for San Antonio, Texas-based Skin Rejuvenation Clinique®, Inc. and the nationally recognized skin care line Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts™. Her recognition as a valued educator, writer and speaker continues to fuel her spirit for aesthetics for future generations of aestheticians.





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