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Hair’s the Thing… Quick Quips on Successful Waxing

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On runways and magazine covers, smooth legs seem so effortless. Yet, any seasoned skin care professional knows that much more goes into helping clients experience a flawless hair removal than just “letting ‘er rip.” From choosing the right wax to using proper pre- and post- treatment products, professionals make many decisions that determine their success and the satisfaction of their clients. Being armed with the right resources and knowing tricks of the trade is crucial. Take a look at these highlights from past articles on waxing and hair removal for some successful treatment essentials.




“Despite the fact that waxing is thousands of years old, the hair removal method gained popularity in the 1960s with the introduction of wax strips. In the United States, 9.73 million people used waxing as a hair removal method in 2016.” from “An Introduction to Hair Removal 2017”


“I have always identified wax into two categories: soft and hard. There are many different descriptions used: traditional, hot, cold, film, strip, and others. Regardless of brand or temperature, soft wax is applied thin and removed with some kind of additional strip pressed over the wax. Strips may be muslin, cellophane, or nonwoven, which is sometime referred to as pellon. This type of wax is predominantly used on arms, backs, and chests, which are the least sensitive, but also the larger body parts…Hard wax is applied thicker, in sections, and removed without the use of a strip over it. Generally used for the face, underarm, and bikini or Brazilian wax, this is a much gentler style of wax, as it does not stick to the skin in the same way as a soft wax. It is also stronger.” from “Waxing Poetic in the Summer” by Lori Nestore


“Performing a waxing treatment requires an understanding of the skin in order to provide the best result for the client without damaging the skin. Believe it or not, waxing formulations have become advanced in order to prevent skin pulling, tearing, and even discolorations. However, key ingredients must be observed by the aesthetician.” from “The Skin Care of Waxing” by Tina Zillman


“To make sure you are using an effective waxing product, there are a few things to keep in mind: How smooth is the application? …The wax should move in a smooth, fluid movement across the skin without pulling on the hair. Does the removal of hair seem painful to the client? Some waxes can be more painful than others and this is certainly something that clients will be taking into consideration. Does the wax remove the hair shaft with the hair root? Clients do not want to see hair re-growth within the same week as their service. … After using the wax, are there bumps, redness, irritation, or stickiness on the skin?” from “How to Perfect the Waxing Experience for Your Clients” by Lydia Sarfati




“It is the professional’s job to do all they can to make a client’s waxing experience, including the treatment itself and the results afterwards, as pleasant as possible. With a combination of having the correct technique and using the right products, professionals can minimize their clients’ side-effects and ensure their waxing treatments are an experience clients will want to repeat!” from “The Roots of Waxing” by Lilliane Caron


“No matter the level of efficiency during waxing services, there is no avoiding the fact that the treatment will irritate the skin. It will pull off live and dead skin cells and remove hair at the root. When an aesthetician does a deeply exfoliating facial treatment, they always work to bring the skin back into balance afterwards. Apply post-waxing products that will soothe and nourish skin that is slightly irritated from the exfoliation of a waxing service.” from “Be Hairful! Protecting Clients from The Harsh Side Effects of Waxing” by Ottmar Stubler


“Aftercare products that contain ingredients such as aloe, tea tree, or chamomile are effective at soothing the skin and provide additional antibacterial benefits. An effective ingrown treatment should be gentle and contain active ingredients such as salicylic acid.” from “Hard Wax Hair Removal Protocol” by Lydia Jordane


“In order to maximize the outcomes of hair removal treatments, consider a bundle option, offering products and professional treatments in conjunction with the hair removal procedures. This will not only encourage compliance; it will also develop long-lasting relationships and a continued revenue stream for the practice. Once the client sees how their overall skin health has improved, they will continue to return for more products and treatments well beyond those just for hair removal.” from “Getting the Most out of Hair Removal” by Michelle Goldsmith


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