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Thursday, 25 February 2021 10:37

Powerhouse Acne Products

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Trendsetters share insights on acne-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals.



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Danné Montague-King

President of DMK- Danné Montague-King Co.

“With its wetting agents, ACU MIST carries all of the acne actives immediately into the pores. The botichem compound destroys the c. acne bacterium.”




Kaelin Jutras

Creator of Herbal Skin Solutions

“For a fresh, glowing complexion, this toner effectively balances skin. Blended with alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and organic white willow bark extract, this toner will have skin glowing in no time”




Shauna Blanch, LMT, RYT

Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of Color Up

“ELEMENTAL Zinc Moisturizer is amazing for acne care and prevention. The combined powers of CBD to prevent and heal breakouts and zin oxide’s tissue-regenerating properties naturally manage acne.”




Elyse Blakey, L.E.

Lead Corporate Educator for IMAGE Skincare

“This power packed, brightening booster features tranexamic acid, vitamin C, and an antioxidant peptide to reduce the appearance of stubborn post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and dark spots often left behind from acne breakouts.”




Mark Viktoria

President of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals

“Pepti-A.C.N.E. is an antimicrobial like peptide (AMP) formulated to provide a unique quorum signaling suppression against bacteria. This serum supports the skin’s natural defense mechanisms to clear blemish-prone skin. The targeted blend of amino acid complexes boost the skin’s natural defense systems to calm breakouts, reduce the appearance of redness, and inflammation, while promoting a healthier skin barrier.”




Alex Hernandez, L.E.

Lead Educator for Face Reality Skincare

“L-Mandelic Acid addresses existing lesions and prevents future breakouts by exfoliating dead skin build-up. The larger molecular weight provides slower epidermal penetration, resulting in a more even exfoliation with less irritation.”

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