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Monday, 25 January 2021 10:52

Skin Health

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Trendsetters share insights on skin health-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals.


rosehip eminence

Natalie Pergar, L.E.

Lead Skin Care Trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care

“This revolutionary super balm uses a natural repair complex to promote cell regeneration. Antioxidants derived from rosehip and rosemary oil support the skin’s defense against free radicals and prevent damage from environmental stressors.”


rescue osmosis

Ben Johnson, MD

CEO & Founder of Osmosis Beauty

“Rescue is a remarkable product for skin health because it serves two critical functions – detoxing the skin and repairing oxidative damage. While most skin products try to reduce free radical damage, Osmosis’ patented Rescue contains trioxolane, which can repair damage that has already happened creating permanent changes in texture, age spots, and calming inflamed skin in the process.”



epionce moisturizer

Carl Thornfeldt, MD, FAAD

Founder and CEO of Episciences, Inc.

“The first product developed with my platform technologies of barrier repair and anti-inflammatory properties was the clinically-proven Epionce Renewal Facial Cream. It continues to be an Epionce best-seller.”


herbal skin solutions moisturizer

Kaelin Jutras, L.E.

Founder of Herbal Skin Solutions

“Gently massage this tri-acid, enzyme plus bamboo fiber blend into the skin with steam as a weekly exfoliation ritual. Boost efficacy in the treatment room setting with microneedling nano-infusion.”



elina serum

Elina Fedotova

Founder & Formulator of Elina Organics

“Skin Recovery Protective Healing Cream calms and restores skin after microneedling, acid peels, and injectable treatments. Extracts of arnica and spongilla have been used for centuries to heal bruised and damaged skin, while colloidal copper adds to its antiseptic properties, regenerates collagen and elastin, and speeds up the skin’s natural healing process.”


 squalene saian

Dasha Saian, L.E.Dasha Saian,

L.E.Co-founder & CEO of SAIAN NaturalClinical Skincare

“Squalane is incredibly similar to the skin’sown sebum; it instantly soothes dehydratedand dry skin. Saian Pure Squalane quicklymoisturizes the skin and seals in hydrationwithout leaving behind a greasy residue. Itis perfect for a compromised barrier.”

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