UV Biotek Announces Over-the-Counter Clearance of POLY PRO Clear System

Written by UV Biotek

UVBioTek, LLC is pleased to announce over-the-counter designation of the POLY PRO Clear LED Light Therapy by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of mild-to-moderate acne.


POLY PRO Clear utilizes a combination of blue light at 417 nanometers to target and destroy the bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) involved in the development of acne and red light at 633 nanometers to relieve the inflammation at the affected area of the skin. The POLY PRO Clear is a class II medical device, safe, gentle, and effective for all skin types.


Previously available for use only by medical professionals, the over-the-counter designation of the POLY PRO Clear allows professional business locations, medical spas, aestheticians, and other industry professionals to treat mild-to-moderate acne without a prescription. Training for proper LED device usage and treatment protocol is required by the Food and Drug Administration and is provided by the company at no charge with each device purchase.


“LED treatment for mild-to-moderate acne is a game changer for skin care professionals,” said Robert Rossell, CEO of UVBioTek, LLC. “LED offers a natural, light-based treatment option as an alternative to other pharmaceutical and chemical treatment options.”


UVBioTek is a leader in the light therapy industry. Since 1994, UVBioTek has manufactured clinical and home phototherapy treatment systems for dermatological conditions and has continued to innovate by adding the POLY PRO LED Light Therapy to its product offering. With this over-the-counter designation for the POLY PRO Clear system, the company continues to advance the skin care industry, developing products which offer an alternative, natural solution to advanced skin care rejuvenation and restorative therapies.

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