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Since 1949, we've put the individual at the center of our world and created a skin care company dedicated to restoring and maintaining individual, natural beauty. From our dedicated research and development team, to our manufacturing facility in the lush region of Nuremberg, Germany, we embrace the highest standards in the cosmetic industry. By combining the best of science with nature, we produce comprehensive skincare solutions for every skin type while achieving highest skin compatibility.

1. What sets Doctor Eckstein Biokosmetik ® apart from other companies in the skin care industry?
Since 1949 our mission has been to empower individuals, to help them feel confident and beautiful at every age. We measure our success by how well we help customers achieve their personal expression of beauty – both internally through a sense of inner satisfaction and harmony, and externally through naturally beautiful skin.

To do this, we have developed a skincare system of over 100 different products, which enables us to comprehensively and specifically address each individual's skin needs and type - including sensitive, delicate, mature, dry, oily, or combination skin.

All our formulations stem from a pharmaceutical and medical foundation, and are skin-physiological, meaning that we only use ingredients that are naturally found in the skin or are skin-related. By mimicking the skin's natural properties, ingredients can have the greatest positive impact with the least potential for an adverse reaction. The majority of these ingredients are either extracted or derived from plants and other natural substances.

As a third-generation, family operated business, we stand behind our products with our name. Additionally, all of our skin care products have always been - and continue to be - made in Germany under one roof at our headquarters in Oberasbach (Bavaria).

2. What has Doctor Eckstein developed recently and what makes it special?
That would definitely be our Ultimate Supreme Care line that we premiered in 2015. These two premium anti-aging products - Ultimate Supreme Day Balm and Ultimate Supreme Night Cream – when used in combination are highly effective at regenerating the skin and protecting against wrinkles. For the first time, we are using an Echinacea stem cell extract as part of a skincare-complex containing six powerful ingredients. The antioxidant effectively protects against premature skin aging and provides the basis for healthy, nourished skin - during the day and at night. Additional important ingredients include: hyaluronic acid, liposomes, soy sterols and extracts from the fruit and leaves of milk thistle and tulsi.

3. Who are your customers and why do they choose Doctor Eckstein?
In speaking with many customers over the years, we've gotten great feedback on what they appreciate. In terms of products, it's the quality of ingredients used, the degree of research behind product development, and the skin's happy response to our products that we hear about most.
Our customers also care that all Doctor Eckstein products are free of mineral and silicone oil, paraffin and artificial colors. (Our products always have been!) It is important, too, that our products are not tested on animals. This is not a trend at Doctor Eckstein: it has always been a cornerstone of our business to work in harmony with nature.

In recent years, we have found that more and more men are embracing conscientious skin care and turn to our products for their care. At Doctor Eckstein we have the Beautipharm® Skin Care Series, designed as a unisex line, which serves the needs of men's skin optimally.
Finally, customers appreciate that they can access an extensive network of professional estheticians and cosmetologists - on five continents – who represent the brand and the values of Doctor Eckstein Biokosmetik ®.

4. What's in the product pipeline for 2016?
We have an exciting new product this year: the Vitamin C ContourLift Modellage - a new professional mask for salon treatments. The mask is a real anti-aging booster that strengthens the skin with a hydrating algae complex and vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant and supports the collagen structure of the skin. Other natural ingredients include Aloe Vera for deeply hydrating the skin. The Modellage is offered at our numerous partner institutions and complements the range of professional products specifically developed by Doctor Eckstein for use by estheticians.

Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik

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