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CA BOTANA is a leading manufacturer of personal care products with worldwide distribution. With over 40 years of in-house research, CA BOTANA has studied the effects of sea extracts, plants, herbs and vitamins and has integrated it with the latest skin care technology to satisfy today's consumers.
CA BOTANA's natural skin care products were developed by drawing information from Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese, ancient Egyptian and American Indian herbology and aromatherapy along with the expertise of skilled herbalists and physiotherapists. CA BOTANA is among the first in the personal care product industry to incorporate this knowledge about natural therapies into their products.
Known for their meticulous research, CA BOTANA products reflect their dedication to searching worldwide for the latest innovations and the purest, most advanced materials.
CA BOTANA's philosophy "continuous research in harmony with nature" is reflected in every formula that they develop. Their never-ending search for up-to-date innovations and the most advanced materials ensures that their formulas contain the most effective ingredients available. This research and product evaluation is the customers' guarantee that CA BOTANA's skin care systems always provide maximum effectiveness in a minimum amount of time.
The company has devoted their time and energy into developing a worldwide success story in business. Their accomplishment not only extends to manufacturing skin and body care products, but also to building a reputable relationship with consumers and the industry.
CA BOTANA was awarded the President's E-Award for Excellence in Exporting. The prestigious award was presented by the U.S. Department of Commerce, on behalf of the President of the United States.
CA BOTANA carries over 1,000 different products derived from over 900 ingredients. All the products are safe and natural, derived from renewable resources instead of reproductive ones. The company has three product lines including Ambrosia, Dr. D. Schwab and Sea Enzyme, each catering to a different type of consumer.

CA BOTANA International Inc.

9365 Waples Street, Ste A
San Diego, California 92121
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