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As a pioneer in the manufacturing of depilatory products for almost 50 years, Laboratoires Reynard's purpose is to provide innovative and quality depilatory products by setting the highest standards in service, quality and reliability in its field. Founded in 1966, in Montreal, the family business has contributed to the commercial development of sugar and liquid wax in North America.

At the heart of the company lies the implication of three generations, Elie Bassili, his son Joseph and his granddaughter Muriel. Each generation has instilled important qualities to the business. Elie Bassili, 98 years old and still at work, has instilled values of constant work, honesty and determination. In contrast, his son Joseph, trained chemist, has emphasized innovation. As for Muriel, she pushes product and service quality. This unique blend of attributes gives Laboratoires Reynard its current identity, having grown and evolved with time and the presence of each family member.

Laboratoires Reynard's reputation and success has been built by word of mouth of satisfied clients over many decades. As a result, the company offers a complete line of high-end wax hair removal products under the Reynard name. This brand guarantees the quality of its formulations and is supported by the excellence of its customer service.

In addition, Laboratoires Reynard continues to offer private label wax manufacturing services with personalized formulations and rigorous quality control perfected over the years.

Laboratories Reynard

6465 route Transcanadienne
Montreal, Quebec H4T 1S3
+1 514.856.6999
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