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Company Profile January 2018 Full line webWith product diversion issues on the rise in the aesthetics industry, it is more crucial than ever that we offer our clients professional products that cannot be purchased outside of a professional setting. More skin care lines are being found widely available from unauthorized online retailers and the risk of your client using an unregulated product is greater than ever. The effects of this go far beyond simply losing a sale. These products are often expired, altered, or counterfeit. If your client is unlucky enough to experience a frightful reaction to the product purchased, per your recommendation, albeit from another business, their distress may result in your loss of professional credibility. 


Private label skin care is the best way to stay impervious to the current product diversion eruption in the industry and AMP Aesthetic Medical Products holds the solution. AMP’s skin care line is not available for purchase online and never will be.


Gone are the days of the segregated product lines that only provide a single vision. AMP is a developer of advanced, medical grade, skin care products and was founded by a team of physicians, aestheticians, and nutritionists. Our mission is to deliver the most cutting-edge formulas with the cleanest and safest ingredients for all scopes of practice.


Company Profile January 2018 Lash serum webAMP Aesthetic Medical Products once only developed medical grade private label skin care for dispensing physicians. The aesthetic vanguard now also has a special division AMP Aesthetics, which is dedicated to the private label needs of aestheticians. AMP is truly committed to providing medical grade skin care, with a safe and holistic approach.


With AMP Aesthetics, you have the option to create your own custom formula, private label our exclusive formulas, or carry our clinically proven AMP branded product line. All of our products are manufactured in FDA compliant laboratories in the United States, utilizing the most advanced, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that are clinically proven for the results driven practice. Our exclusive formulas will never contain parabens or other harmful toxins; they are cruelty-free and don’t contain artificial colors, fragrances, or synthetic chemical preservatives.


Creating your own custom product, or private labeling our exclusive formulas, gives you the opportunity to elevate your brand and ensure product exclusivity to your clients. Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3! Your customized private labeling project can be completed in as little as one week with order minimums as low as 12 units! To allow our team to best assist your individual needs, visit ampmedicalproducts.com to fill out our professional questionnaire.



Company Profile January 2018 Golden Eye Patch web

“We are a group of physicians and aesthetic professionals with three decades of combined experience, who have joined together to bring your clients the highest level of quality standards and results they demand, while respecting the health of the individual.”


Don’t lose your clients to the Internet!

AMP Aesthetic Medical Products

6396 Mcleod Dr. Suite 1
Las Vegas, NV 89120
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