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Who Is Chris­lie Formulations

Think of Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions as your new best friend, who knows and under­stands what you need and what you desire — and who self­lessly shares with you the best and the lat­est in health and beauty tech­nolo­gies.  Just because you deserve it.

Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions is founded in our mis­sion to cre­ate inno­v­a­tive beauty con­cepts that will meet the demands and aspi­ra­tions of the grow­ing throngs of beauty-believers spread all over.

Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions has gone world­wide, indeed, as we con­tinue to reach the global mar­ket via the new media, social net­work­ing and online com­mu­ni­ties. We've gone uni­ver­sal brand­ing, chan­nel­ing through and cov­er­ing local and inter­na­tional sectors.

With a wider and more dis­cern­ing mar­ket in mind, Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions com­mits to open the doors to every­one, offer­ing access to health and beauty prod­ucts, at par with pre­mium brands but with afford­able tags.

Our prod­ucts, which metic­u­lously undergo thor­ough research and method­i­cal stud­ies, are our tan­gi­ble proofs of answer­ing to the great chal­lenge of bring­ing beauty to every­one, empow­er­ing every woman (and man) out there to shine out, be con­fi­dent, and be their best.

We take care of our brands, the way we take care of our name. This is our way of forg­ing trust not only within the very core of Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions, but also between our part­ners and consumers.

Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions strongly stands by the prin­ci­ples of pro­fes­sion­al­ism, exper­tise, and excep­tional cus­tomer ser­vice. These work ethics are upheld by the hard work­ing staff, which is com­posed of diverse indi­vid­u­als – from sales and mar­ket­ing teams to sci­en­tists, researchers, beauty vet­er­ans, and con­sul­tants – who believe that the mar­riage between beauty and tech­nol­ogy promises remark­able inno­va­tions that will leave a mark to the world — today and in the future.

We are fueled up by our pas­sion of mak­ing a dif­fer­ence. To bring out real beauty from each and every unique indi­vid­ual.  The kind of beauty that is not just skin-deep, but also glow­ing from within.

Chris­lie For­mu­la­tions is your new best friend, who will end­lessly search for solu­tions to keep the elu­sive foun­tain of youth and beauty at your hand. Just for you. Because you deserve it.

Chrislie Formulations

1350 Mountian View Circle
Azusa, CA 91702
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