Revue Disinfectant

Revue Disinfectant by Rejuvi Labs is a fine, mist spray that can cover an area with significantly less product. The unique formula combines ethanol and isopropanol, as well as water to provide a more effective, synergistic disinfection. Can be used to sterilize facial masks and gloves. 650-588-7794


Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

Nourishing Hand Sanitizer by Elina Organics is made with 80% organic, food-grade grain ethyl alcohol and will kill all pathogens. It hydrates and nourishes with snow mushroom extract and copper peptides. It also smells like fresh lavender. elinaorganicsskincare.com269-384-2170


Fragrance-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer

Fragrance-Free Instant Hand Sanitizer by Aviva Labs is temporarily halting the production of sunless spray tan solutions and skin care to retool so they can manufacture hand sanitizer for free distribution to hospitals, police departments, and fire departments. 781-209-1551


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