Solo Hydrating Defense™ MEN

Designed to provide male skin with a new level of antioxidant protection against the environmental stressors of modern life. Supports healthier-looking skin. 646.517.4220


BeeSpa's Hand + Foot Cream

BeeSpa’s Hand + Foot Cream is the perfect multi-use product that will heal dry, cracked skin quickly, giving you the soft skin you’ve been craving. Made with 16% beeswax, essential oils, and shea butter, these ingredients work together to deeply moisturize and use antioxidants to nourish skin with little residue and is all-natural. Beeswax has been shown to carry antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that…


Large 5.5lb Honey Pot

The Honey Pot is the first in the industry to come with it's own removable wax insert. This wax pot distributes heat evenly and efficiently to keep the wax temperatures steady. These Honey Pots are built to last. The insert is made from durable aluminum and has a sturdy handle to be able to change wax quickly through out the day.4808183590


Smooth Nectar Hard Wax

Smooth Nectar Hard Wax surpasses the quality of conventional waxes due to its advanced formulations. This waxing product is ideal for all skin types and body areas because it gives superior results when removing stubborn hair. The unique formula allows the wax to shrink wrap around vellus hair as well as hold tight against even the most stubborn coarse hair. 4808183590


CYFOLIA Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream

CYFOLIA Radiance Hydra-Comforting Cream contains 99% natural and 33% organic ingredients, including a coastal flower to sooth the skin and fight free radical formation. This luxuriously velvety moisturizer will hydrate, regenerate and calm all skin types.


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