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Worth a Look - January 2012

Bio Jouvance Paris now re-invents Bio Advance Skin Repair with their exclusive Gammotherapy and the technological breakthrough known as the Biogaphyt™ concept. This treatment reduces signs of aging, and past skin damages caused by every environmental assault. 800-272-1716, www.biojouvance.com or RR # 128 This newly reformulated Skin Hydrating Masque for dermalogica® contains a unique cross-linked hyaluronic acid which traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for…

Worth a Look - December 2011

Alex Cosmetic Herbal A-Peel Protect your skin during the seasonal changes that can cause skin to feel dry, tight and itchy with Herbal Vitamin Cream. Herbal extracts and vitamins work together to reduce irritation, redness and dryness by calming and soothing the skin while hydrating and restoring the balance of natural skin functions. Shea butter, soybean oil and carrot oil help preserve optimal moisture content.…