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Life and Death, My Choice?

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There is an ancient Biblical passage that states life and death are set before us, but we must choose what we want. The ancient writer recommends we should choose life. In the 21st century, we are again told we must choose life, but in a very different way. More and more people are now learning that to choose life, is to choose to detoxify. When you discuss detoxification, most people think you are talking about someone else’s problem, not their own. They think you are talking about drug users or the alcoholics needing to detox.

At Day Spring Wellness Center, we have been working with a number of different modalities of detoxification since 2001. We have seen some fads come and go, but we know what really works with our clients. There is an extreme statement that is used by some in the natural health, wellness and detoxification circles, “Detoxify or Die.” At first this seems to be so dramatic, we totally dismiss it, as if it is the statement of a crazy man. But let’s look at it and see if it is true.
First let’s look at what it means to detoxify. Detoxify in simple terms means to get rid of toxins, chemicals, or waste products that are in the body that can cause sickness or disease. Every cell in the body needs to eat, breathe, and eliminate its cellular waste. If the cell doesn’t eat or get the proper nutrition that is required, then the cell will become diseased. Also if the cell doesn’t get enough oxygen or breathe, the fermentation process as well as other processes will start, so the cell can become cancerous or diseased. Lastly, every cell must get rid of the cellular waste. If the cell does not eliminate the cellular waste products, then it will become diseased in some form. Our physical bodies are made up of cells. Our bodies’ design requires us to daily rid it of waste products. Imagine what it would be like to only go to the bathroom once a year. You would be dead. Every living creature must eliminate its waste products; this include the cells. So you can see, it is true; if we don’t detoxify, we will die. If we don’t eliminate the chemicals, toxins, and the cellular waste from the body, we will die. It is basic science. The ancients recognized it and now we are waking up to it.
There was a study by Dr. Rosenow that showed the effect of a toxic environment that our body often produces. He took good bacteria, put it in an environment of adrenaline, and it became cancerous. After this he put it in an environment of long chain sugars and it reverted into good bacteria. Adrenalin is produced by the body, but apparently too much adrenaline becomes toxic and creates cancer. He in effect detoxified the bacteria that became cancerous and it reverted into good bacteria. The goal of detox centers is to rid the body through natural means, those toxins or elements in the body that can cause disease.
You might say something like “I am not exposed to any toxins or chemicals so my body doesn’t need any help detoxifying.” Read the labels of all the processed food you eat and on your makeup. Find out about the chemicals used in building your house, apartment, or office. Research the chemicals and prescription drugs found in area lakes. What is in the air you breathe? How about the chemicals in the gasoline that you breathe as you fill up your car? Then there is hairspray and household cleaning items. Then we can look at the pesticides, insect repellants, and other chemicals to kill grass. Remember the formaldehyde in carpet, particleboard, or sometimes in new cabinets. There are also the prescription drugs/chemicals we take. The list goes on and on. Negative emotions such as fear, bitterness, anger, and stress also create harmful chemicals to be released by our brains affecting our bodies, creating chemical imbalances, as well as disease. In fact stress is the most harmful emotion and creates toxic buildup in the body. Then there are physical and emotional traumas that create physical and brain chemicals to be under- or overproduced. Our bodies are inundated with chemicals and toxins. Some things can be eliminated easily, other things cannot. I am not going to try to convince you about the toxins around each one of us, but I will try to show you the ways to become healthier through several of the methods we use for detoxifying.
We believe the first and most important means to detoxify is to use oxygen saunas and activated oxygen saunas. Steam saunas have been used for detoxifying purposes for centuries, but when you add oxygen it becomes far more powerful. You don’t breathe the oxygen; it is pumped into the steam sauna. Your head is sticking out breathing the natural air around you. Remember every cell in the body needs oxygen and every cell needs to eliminate waste products. Dr. Otto Warburg, a two-time Nobel Prize winner in Medicine, proved that the primary cause of cancer and other degenerative diseases was the lack of oxygen at the cellular level. But he also talks about the need to detoxify the cell of its waste products. That is the beauty of the activated oxygen sauna. Not only do you sweat out toxins and get oxygen to the cells, but you also have single oxygen molecules bonding with toxins and chemicals in the body, so the body can rid itself of these undesired chemicals. This is the most powerful detoxifier there is, in my opinion. We have had clients in the sauna that had been exposed to pesticides or even smoke years earlier, and during the session you could actually smell smoke or a pesticide aroma enter the room from their body, as the body started ridding itself of those chemicals locked within it. This is a proven way to help restore health to the body.
The second best way we believe to detoxify is with a reverse osmosis ion footbath. People will come in, sit down in comfortable pleasant surroundings and put their feet into the ionic footbath. The ion array has been placed into the water, sea salt is added, and the unit is turned on to the proper setting. Within minutes the water begins to change color and the texture or consistency of the water begins to change as well. Foam quite often begins to rise up out of the water. Clumps often begin to appear in the water. This happens because millions of positive and negative ions in the water begin to interact with chemicals, elements, and toxins in the body and in the water. Through the process of reverse osmosis, toxins from the body are deposited in the water. Because certain toxins and/or elements are being deposited in the water, the water changes color, texture, and consistency. The most common responses are, “look at all of that crud and junk” or “that is so yucky looking” or “that is so disgusting.” It is really interesting to see the different colors in the water and fun to watch people’s expressions as they see the water changing. When it comes to teaching about toxins in the body, seeing is believing.
The third aspect of detoxification is to detox the kidney, liver, and gallbladder. When there is a high level of toxins or waste products in the body, it will often overwork these organs causing kidney or liver failure. When you do any type of detox program, you need to take a good liver and kidney cleanse.
The fourth aspect of a complete physical detox program is a colon cleanse. The best product we have found for this is oxygen bound with magnesium. It doesn’t taste great, but works wonders. The original creator of it thought he was creating a cure
for cancer.
The fifth aspect of a complete detox program must include detoxing the body of harmful emotions through a process called CranioSacral therapy. CranioSacral therapy helps detox the human mind from traumatic and negative thought imprints.
CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle method of manipulating the body’s CranioSacral system (consisting of thin membranes and cerebral spinal fluid which surround and protect the spinal cord in an attempt to improve function to the central nervous system which affects the entire body, dissipate the negative effects of stress as well as emotional traumas. It will also enhance health and resistance to disease.
CrainoSacral Therapy is also a means of detoxifying the body by releasing both physical and emotional trauma from as far back as the womb. It is your body treating itself with the help of a therapist. The body heals itself by helping you remove negative or toxic emotions from body tissue. Negative emotions create chemicals or toxins, which may reside in the actual tissue of the body. When a part of the body retains the chemicals from a physical or emotional trauma, it becomes an area of dysfunction, inhibiting normal body function, leading to chronic pain and diseases, such as fibromyalgia, autism, arthritis, and cancer. Once the traumas are released, the body can be freed of chronic pain and disease or at least have significant improvement.
Another aspect for a Complete Detox Program is detox massages. It is commonly reported that detox massages encourages better exchange of nutrients at the cellular levels and more thorough detoxification. It allows energy and blood to flow unimpeded. Massage relaxes the muscles and it is believed that the body will enable itself to get rid of toxins throughout the body if its muscles are relaxed properly. When the muscles are relaxed, not only will the body be able to get rid of invading pathogens sooner, but the body will be able to recognize bad substances and automatically get rid of them. In synergy, these effects allow the body to more effectively perform the recovery miracle it was designed to do. Massage also strengthens the immune system by increasing white blood cells and natural killer cell activity, lowers blood pressure and heart rate, lowers level of two stress hormones, alleviates stress and pain, aids digestion, pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissue and vital organs improving circulation, relieves tight or sore muscles, improves range of motion (joint flexibility), relieves migraine sufferers of pain, improvement in ability to concentrate for autistic children, lowers anxiety of depressed adolescents, boosts immune function of HIV-positive patients, and decreases symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue patients/clients.
There are three other modalities we use to help people become healthier and to detox. One is by using far infrared saunas. A second is to use a hair tissue analysis (hair mineral analysis) to identify toxins and unhealthy mineral ratios. But a really great one is the Sudatonic body wrap system utilizing essential oils and a far infrared blanket. With the Sudatonic body wrap system, it detoxifies the fat cells and actually changes the shape of the fat cells. Not only have we had clients lose five pounds and up to 30 combined inches in one session, it actually helps detoxify the body at a cellular level. In fact with a Sudatonic session, you also have almost the same positive benefits of a massage described above without actually having a massage.
Detoxification has the potential to impact every area of life. Try it and see what happens. You will be surprised. Choose life, detoxify!

Kyle and Veronica Leatherwood are owners of Day Spring Wellness Center in Garland, Texas. Both Kyle and Veronica are certified OHTs. They have an amazing story of how God put them into the wellness field. They started Day Spring in 2001 and have learned what works and many things they don’t really work. 972-226-1235

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