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Internal Cleansing

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Internal detoxification or cleansing has become a popular health concern for clients.

From sugar detoxes to activated charcoal, clients are constantly looking for ways to increase their health and purify their bodies. As a result of the increased interest in cleansing, a number of spas are starting to offer detoxifying and wellness retreats. These health sanctuaries range anywhere from three days to three weeks with pricing being just as varied. These retreats offer clients an opportunity to cleanse through juicing or raw diets, physical exercise, and mental stimulation.

Acleansing Diets
The one detox-retreat staple that can be seen at retreats across the board is the element of cleansing the body through a change in diet. Many retreats start the detoxification process with a juicing fast. This fast includes green drinks and wheatgrass juices. The purpose of this fast is to purge the body of toxins, pesticides, and preservatives. A juice fast also gives the body the opportunity to focus on removing toxins, acids, and other bodily contaminants, rather than focusing on digestion. After the juice fast, which may either last for a few days or the entirety of the program, most spas transition to a live food menu. This menu typically consists of either local, fresh, and healthy food or a raw food diet.

Physical Cleanse
In addition to a cleansing diet, wellness spas and retreats tend to offer occupants a buffet of physical activities, with yoga being standard across the board. Other possible activities include stretching, cardio, aquatic aerobics, and tai chi. These physical classes give residents the opportunity to increase their wellness factor and encourage the cleansing process. While exercising, clients are able to eradicate toxins from their muscles and encourage the flow of blood.

Mental Cleansing
The most attractive aspect of these detoxification retreats is their commitment to educating participants on the positive changes they are currently making. Many retreats offer a mental cleansing by hosting health lectures and nutritional workshops. Nutritional classes give participants the chance to see how their previous food choices were affecting their body. Some of workshops even include cooking classes so that clients are able to make juices and raw food meals when they return home. Health lectures can cover a wide variety of topics, from diabetes, heart health, and fat production to stress management and life principles.

Cleansing Treatments
No cleansing spa or retreat would be complete without a treatment menu specifically for internal and bodily cleansing. These sanctuaries offer cleansing services such as laser treatments, colonics, hyperbaric therapy, thermography, cranial therapy, lymphatic drainage massage, detoxification acupuncture, and panchakarma. Other detoxifying amenities include ozone pools, infrared saunas, and steam rooms. These treatments offer clients a chance to relax and detoxify their body at the same time.

While cleansing and detoxification retreats are a great resource for clients that want a healthy get-away, they are not plausible for every client. Some clients may not have the finances or the time to attend a retreat. As a skin care professional, elements from these havens can always be applied to the local spa or salon. Try offering a yoga class once a week as a way for clients to detoxify their body and mind. Juices and juicing recipes can also be offered to clients while they are waiting for their treatment. Furthermore, educational classes can be held monthly in order to teach clients the benefits of internal cleansing and detoxifying treatments.

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