United States-based men's grooming company, OM4, has announced Joanne Berry as its new global director of education.

United States-based men's grooming company, OM4, has announced Joanne Berry as its new global director of education. Berry brings over 25 years of international luxury and medical spa industry experience to OM4. A native of the United Kingdom, she trained extensively in Europe and holds accreditation in beauty therapy, aromatherapy, and aesthetics. While serving as Education Manager with the Steiner Day Spa Division in San Diego, Berry conducted extensive training and product seminars.

She gained broad operations management experience, overseeing spa services on 125 cruise ships with Steiner Management Services. She also created an online business program for Bellus Academy, which is currently taught in their curriculums. In 2006, she launched Spa Remedies, a spa consultancy company specializing in education, operations, and recruitment. Berry currently serves on numerous industry boards, including the Global Wellness Institute's Wellness for Cancer Initiative, and she is a co-chair for their Women in Leadership Initiative. Mike Bruggeman, OM4 founder and CEO, says, "I am delighted to be working with Joanne. Her vast network and experience in the spa and wellness industry and her ideal blend of spa operations and training knowledge will play an important role in ensuring that OM4 continues to offer results-oriented trainings that combine leading-edge products with spa practices."

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