Soleil Toujours is pleased to announce the addition of Liliana Grajales as vice president of sales.

Soleil Toujours is pleased to announce the addition of Liliana Grajales as vice president of sales. The addition of Grajales supports Soleil Toujours' exponential growth in luxury spa and resorts worldwide. "We are so excited to have Liliana join the Soleil Toujours team. She brings a wealth of sales experience in luxury spas and resorts and will take our business to the next level," says Valerie McMurray, founder and CEO of Soleil Toujours. "Her experience as both a luxury spa director and account manager with high profile skin care lines is a huge asset to our growing team." Grajales' illustrious 20-year career in luxury hospitality started in management with Hyatt Hotels.

Her most recent Spa Director position was a five-year stint at the 16,000 square foot spa at The Ritz Carlton South Beach. "I am so excited to be working with Soleil Toujours. This is the perfect next step in my career. Sunscreen as anti-aging skin care has redefined the sun care category," says Grajales.

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