Lira Clinical recently moved their corporate headquarters to a larger location.

Lira Clinical recently moved their corporate headquarters to a larger location. The global skin care company will remain in the San Francisco Bay Area in the city of Dublin, California. This exciting move allowed Lira Clinical to optimize and increase their customer service support and provide new amenities for employees while developing continuous growth opportunities.

As a solid contributing factor to their success over the past few years, the company has expanded both domestically and internationally. "We are thrilled that we are growing. It is an absolute testament to the strength of our company, from our wonderful support staff, amazing loyal customers, and well-respected representatives. The future of Lira Clinical is definitely looking bright," the Lira Clinical Executive Team stated.

In addition to their geographical growth, the company has quadrupled their number of employees since 2010 and is looking to further increase their support staff in 2017.

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