Bioelements is thrilled to announce the new Spa and School Manager, Stephanie Nelson-Penland.

Bioelements is thrilled to announce the new Spa and School Manager, Stephanie Nelson-Penland. She joins the team of Bioelements with vast experience in the spa industry. Starting out as a massage therapist in the Caribbean, Nelson-Penland transitioned from the treatment room to the spa business and management side of the industry upon her return to the United States.

With 10 years in the industry under her belt, she is passionate about spa education and service and is thrilled to utilize her skills in account management and business development to further advance and promote the Bioelements professional line. "I have been a Bioelements cheerleader for years, so joining their team is a dream come true. I couldn't be more excited to support and build direct business with our current and future partners to continue to foster relationships, achieve growth and success, and share my passion with others," said Nelson-Penland.

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