Microneedling is most well-known for its antiaging benefits popularized by Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial, but it can also be beneficial in managing hyperpigmentation. As a relatively new treatment, microneedling shows promising results for skin rejuvenation, as well as the correction of hyperpigmentation. In each case, the desired result of treatment will determine the depth and method used. There are currently three different microneedling methods on…

Skin Infusion Modalities

Written by Kristen Johnson
The spring season, with its lingering arctic chill and unforgiving humidity fluctuations, is an ideal time for skin care professionals to focus on supporting skin hydration and product absorption as clientele often present a dry, dull, and dehydrated complexion. As aesthetic providers, the use of innovative skin infusion modalities is essential to help clientele achieve their skincare goals. {mprestriction ids="3,4,26,18,6,7,8,9,14,18"} To review, the skin is…

June 2021

Brands of the Month

  • Celluma by Biophotas, Inc
  • Alexandria Professional
  • DMK Skin Revision Center


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