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Supporting Skin Health: Reversing the Decline of Spermidine

Written by   Elizabeth Yurth, MD

In a bout of curiosity, Antonie van Leeuwenhoek discovered the polyamines spermidine and spermine under the lens of his microscope in 1678. Over 300 years later, science is finally discovering the enormous impact his find will have.

The massive amount of recent research investigating spermidine, a natural polyamine that induces autophagy, is producing valuable information about how the level of spermidine in the body is related to health, longevity, and aging. The crux of the recent breakthrough around spermidine is its ability to seemingly slow and, in some cases, reverse the signs of aging by way of inhibiting five of the nine hallmarks of aging.1

This capability has been noted before, namely in another compound called rapamycin. Unfortunately, while rapamycin was shown to inhibit six of the nine hallmarks of aging, dosing protocols still remain somewhat uncertain. It can have potential side effects, and it requires a doctor’s prescription and supervision. Spermidine currently stands alone as a supplemental polyamine capable of reversing signs of aging, slowing the overall impacts of aging, and extending our health span.

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Elizabeth YurthElizabeth Yurth, MD is co-founder and medical director of Boulder Longevity Institute, where she has been providing tomorrow’s medicine today to her clients since 2006. Along with her 25-plus years as a practicing orthopedist specializing in sports and spine medicine, Dr. Yurth has made it her mission to learn and share the latest scientific research on how to truly heal the body at the cellular level. She is fellowship-trained in antiaging and regenerative medicine and has completed 500 and more hours of continuing medical education training focused on longevity, nutrition, epigenetics, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, regenerative peptide treatments, and regenerative orthopedic procedures.

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