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Taking Advantage of Commonly Missed Revenue Opportunities

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Missed opportunities happen even to the best spas. They happen every day and skin care professionals often do not realize how many there are until the missed revenue is more than evident. By minimizing missed opportunities, spa owners can maximize client reach. The process may not feel or be easy at times, but it can be made achievable.



Relevancy is extremely important because it helps professionals focus on results and connect with clients. Clients are unlikely to revisit a spa or skin care professional that did not connect with any of their needs or interests.

In the aesthetics industry, whether the professional is focusing on skin, hair, or nails, the overall relevance centers on beauty and wellness. From there, professionals must ask themselves what the consumer wants and what the consumer needs. When the professional discovers the answers to these questions, they discover how to become relevant.

It is important for professionals to focus on their strengths. Without focus and knowledge of their strengths, the professional is limiting their growth. In order to focus on their strengths, however, the skin care professional needs to first determine what exactly counts as a strength. There is not a set list from which professionals can pick and choose. Every business has their own unique strengths and areas where they excel. The following areas of business should be examined by the professional.

Demographics – Who are the spa's likely clients? Does the spa's marketing plan focus on these potential clients? Is the spa's marketing plan reaching them? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it may be time to change the marketing team. By making a change in the marketing department, the professional will be made aware of any strategies that could be more effective at reaching the target audience.

Products and Treatments – What is the spa's most successful product or treatment? Is it the focus of the spa? Is it being promoted properly? Even multi-service salons have a winning product and treatment that generates a greater percent of revenue. Do not lose focus!

Client Relations – Are clients happy when they leave or come in for a treatment? Do clients enjoy their experience at the spa? Are client disputes taken care of efficiently? Do the clients like the spa's employees? Clients are the supporters of the spa! The professional should always ensure that the client is happy with their services and the staff. Always encourage satisfied clients to review the spa on Yelp and other business review websites.customer-card

Social Media – Does the business have a strong presence on social media? Do clients enjoy seeing what the spa is up to? Do they like the content the spa posts? Are they active with the spa on social media? Ask clients what they would be interested in reading about on the spa's social media pages. Do not be afraid of finding out how to engage the client online.

Strengths are not limited to the above list. However, focusing on the particulars of the list can help to set the spa apart from its competitors because the spa's team efforts will be used to inclusively enhance all performances! Professionals should take a good, hard look at themselves, their company, and their employees to discover where they can improve their revenue.

Employees are the spa's strength. They help the business move forward and, when the professional engages them effectively, their opportunities have a higher chance of turning
into revenue.

Recognition for employees as a team as opposed to individually is ideal for fostering more cooperation and collaboration within the spa. Try setting a team goal for the month and determining a reward if that goal is met. This reward does not need to be of a monetary value; small rewards speak volumes as well.

Skin care professionals are in the people business. Take the time to help employees approach clients every day with self-confidence and take pride in their work.

Clients are the spa's lifeline! Professionals strive to build a strong, loyal clientele, but there needs to be a win-win situation; there is give and take in any relationship and loyalty should be rewarded. The following are suggestions that will help professionals show appreciation to their clients.

quoteLoyalty Programs – These programs are a great way to show clients how much their continued support is appreciated. This reward can be implemented through a VIP program. When clients become VIP members, they are eligible for higher discounts and exclusive flash sales.

Referrals – Incentivizing clients to refer a friend can work as a two-way street with both sides receiving benefits. Not only will the professional gain new revenue opportunities, but by offering discounted treatments or products, they will also make loyal clients feel even more appreciated! Chances are, if they have been loyal for some time, they have already been talking about the professional!

Give Aways – Try giving clients free samples or miniature products. This gift can be given as a reward for a certain number of treatments or products purchased or referrals.
Rewarding clients is a system that works and it is important for professionals to implement one if they have not already. Professionals might be surprised by the opportunities that open up from giving back. When a business makes people their priority, they are always bound to win. Make the business a winner.

Trends come and go and can have a powerful impact on the business. Why not take advantage of them? Being the trendy business can be an easy way to connect with more clients!

Salon Design – Look into the "it" color for the upcoming season and try to incorporate that color into the spa's décor. This implementation can be as simple as decorating the spa's space with flowers. In-the-moment trends do not have to break the bank! Just have fun!

Social Media – Every month, there seems to be a new social media trend circulating the internet. Some of these trends can be fun to incorporate into the spa's online marketing or advertising plans. Utilizing a social media trend, such as using a hashtag or a Snapchat filter, garners more attention, especially with the younger generation.

When it comes to picking trends, always keep in mind the spa's overall concept, products, treatments, and strengths and choose the trend that best suits the spa and clientele.

Lina-Kennedy-2014Lina Kennedy is a chief pioneer, collecting many feathers in her cap. An expert on professional sugaring, Kennedy regularly writes articles for industry magazines in North America and Europe. As president of Alexandria Professional, one of her personal goals is to ensure that each professional trained in the art of body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results that they and their clients can achieve through The Kennedy Theory™ for sugaring and The Kennedy Technique Theory™.

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