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Rev Your Revenues with Retailing The Benefits of Marketing Product in the Spa

Written by   Ann McDonnell, president and founder of EcoGenics Active Botanical Skin Care

Chances are that clients leave the spa with their appearance and health improved, a decreased level of stress, and an elevated sense of self-esteem.

What if, in addition to the benefits of the services, clients also left with some retail products in their hand?mage78filled and hectic lives already benefit in many ways when they come to a spa. When they learn that they can now further simplify their complicated life by purchasing a skin care system from a trusted professional, they will genuinely appreciate the added value of having quality product lines at their fingertips.
With many clients utilizing spas and scheduling skin care treatments, demand for quality skin care products is increasing. Spa industry data indicates an upswing in both spa visits and revenue in recent years. Data also suggests that this pattern of growth is expected to continue rising. The added convenience of clients buying what they need from the professional that does their treatments, along with the opportunity for increased marketing results, the enterprising professional has suddenly stumbled on one of the most exciting prospects for growing profits.
While many skin care professionals are excellent at performing services, all too many find retailing a challenge. These difficulties do not need to be road blocks to increasing revenue. Here are some of the typical challenges that may be encountered, followed by strategies for blowing past those obstacles.

retailChallenge I don’t know how to sell.
Solution – Do not think of it as selling. Change your mindset and realize that your clients trust you as their skin care professional. Remember, they are coming to you for their skin care needs. Try to think of recommending homecare for your client as an extension of your service and care. Retailing is a logical expansion of your service.

Challenge I don’t know where to begin.
Solution – Here are five individual steps to guide you from start to finish:
Find out the client’s current routine. Before beginning a client’s treatment, have them fill out a client consultation form that has a section on what the client is currently using on their face at home. This will indicate if the client already has a regimen and what products are included in that routine. This becomes a natural opening to either fill in the gaps in the homecare regimen or to recommend an entirely new one which, you can point out, will be customized to their specific skin type and needs.
Share what products you are using as you perform the treatment. While you are performing a treatment, tell clients what you are doing and describe the products being used. Doing this will familiarize them with the product during the treatment and make it easier for you to refer to what you used when the treatment is complete. If the client prefers little or no talking during the treatment, be as brief as possible. If they prefer complete silence, spend a few minutes before the service begins to give them an overview of what you will be doing and what products you will be using.
Explain the 80/20 rule and present the products used during the treatment. At the end of a treatment, review the client’s homecare plan and present the recommended products as a visual reference. Explain to the client that in order to help them extend the wonderful way they currently feel, you strongly recommend that they use a homecare system, citing the 80/20 rule. Share with them that the services you perform contribute 20 percent to the condition of their skin and that the other 80 percent is what they do at home.
Maximize a purchase with encouraging language. Rather than asking your client, “Would you like to purchase something today?”, giving you, at best, a 50-50 chance of a sale, ask “What would you like to take with you today?”
Offer an incentive. When your client’s facial is complete, another marketing idea that makes retail easier is to offer them a certain amount of the cost of their treatment to be redeemable in a product purchase. For example, if the cost of a service is $100, let the client know before the treatment that you will offer $15 (or whatever amount you are comfortable offering) redeemable in a skin care product purchase at the end of their service. This way, you are presenting the savings opportunity up front. Chances are that the client will purchase more than $15 because they will be in a buying mode from the start. You will more than make up the discounted treatment revenue in product purchase. If you decide to offer an incentive, have a visible marketing piece, such as a well-positioned sign in a high-traffic area. If you have a website, be sure to promote the incentive there as well.

credit-cardChallenge – What if the client already has a homecare regimen?
Solution – Ask the client if they like what they are using. Most people are open to trying something new. The client will trust what you recommend as a skin care professional; when they have finished using what they currently have, they might purchase what you suggested.

Challenge – What if the client is hesitant to try something new?
Solution – Start small and make it easy for the client to try the products. Give them a sample to take home or offer a starter kit at a nominal cost. There is a good chance they will like the product and return to invest in a larger size.

Challenge – What if the client is new to using homecare or gets confused by complicated skin care regimens?
Solution – Keep it simple. When people are offered too many choices, they may feel overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Recommend an easy-to-follow plan with just a few products.

Challenge – What if the client is happy with the products they are currently using and do not want to purchase anything?
Solution – Respect their decision. Let them know that if, in the future, they decide to try something new, they can purchase products from you at that time.

Challenge – What if clients do not come back to my spa because they feel they can purchase the same products elsewhere?
Solution – In addition to the obvious, your client is coming to you for much more than just the products you use. You are a trained skin care professional. You offer all your knowledge, expertise, and experience to assist the client with facial care techniques, personalized skin care problem-solving, massage style, skin analysis, and the option to use machines to augment the treatment services. Furthermore, it is also very convenient for the client to purchase their treatment products from you while they are there. Your client is also coming to you for numerous intangibles, including an escape from their daily routine, stress reduction, pampering, and customized care.

Retailing in a spa is a great way to increase revenue without expanding the menu of services. On the client’s end, sending them home with products that will continue to revitalize their complexion also demonstrates care beyond the time spent at the spa for treatments, as well as actively supporting them in maintaining their best results between visits. On the skin care professional’s end, increasingly satisfied clients will result in revitalizing revenue stream.

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