Winter Makeup Colors

Written by Angelica Itomura, makeup artist at Downey Makeup Academy

Makeup, like clothing and hair styles, change every year. Cosmetic companies are continuously challenged to come out with new colors, techniques, and textures.

These changes create a buzz that helps to stimulate the market and gives both the consumer and the makeup artist new products to explore.
Makeup lovers anxiously look for the new collections that appear on the runway shows, especially the newest seasonal colors. There are so many trends that can either excite or frighten. Traditionally, deep, bold, and velvety colors are expected. The winter season of 2015 and 2016 is no different. This season brings about creative versions of the classic eyeliner look and takes the smoky eye to newer and darker heights.

When it comes to the 2015 and 2016 winter season, the color to look for is burgundy wine or sangria. This color trend will prevail past winter. The color is rich, elegant and suitable for all skin undertones. These colors will be seen the most on the lips and cheeks. When used as an eye shadow, it will be very subtle. Blue eye shadow made a strong presence this summer and is continuing to dominate in fall and winter.

Russette, Brick Red, and Sangria
Red is the first color that is thought of when winter arrives. This year, red comes in warmer, brown hues, unlike the bright reds that have typically been seen. Get ready for plummy-sangria reds and brick-brown shades for blush, eye shadows, and especially lipsticks and glosses.

Silvers and Grays
This year, shades of gray will range from silvers and icy aluminum to dark steel and near-black. Eyeliners and eye shadows will be a mixture of both shades. Smoky eyes will be lined with gray, steel liner and highlights of silver.

Royal Blue and Blue Violet
Deep, violet blues will be popular for the eyes and even the lips. In keeping with this year’s fashion week, in which blue was used in coats, jackets, and sweaters, makeup trends will feature royal blue smoky eyes and lips. The fall season saw a number of blue and dark purple combinations for a smoky eye, eyebrows that took on a more dramatic look in dark brown and cocoa hues, and cream products, such as cream eyeshadows and blushes. This winter, highlighting with creams will give the skin a nice shimmer for the holidays.

Teal-green eye shadow on the eyelids, with heavily lined, very black and creamy eyeliner, will also be a very popular look this season. This eye, coupled with nude or peachy-tangerine lips will be all the rage. The teal green used in combination with an eyeliner of the same color will give the look a stronger, bolder makeover. All of these blue, violet, and teal eyelids will be blended with cocoa, black, or burgundy to give a very classy and colorful smoky eye. The seasonal palette promises to be a lot different than prior years.

This season is reminiscent of 1980s eye and 1990s lips, a time when both the eyes and the lips could be worn boldly. No matter how the seasonal palette is worn, it is important to wear it confidently and feel comfortable. The look ultimately begins with you. If clients are color shy, they may want to experiment with their favorite colors.

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