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The Magic of Airbrush Makeup

Written by   Dina Ousley and George Lampman

As professionals in the aesthetic, salon and medical spa industries, we understand how important it is to exceed the client's expectations in as many ways as possible. On the surface, our mission is to help clients look as youthful, healthy and beautiful as possible. They expect us to share our best services talents and products in the least amount of time and with the least amount of discomfort. That is why the perfect time to think about the magic of professional airbrush makeup is now!

Airbrush makeup will produce miraculous results for clients and patients looking for immediate benefits. With new technologies, formulations and techniques emerging, airbrush makeup will produce outstanding results and in less time than ever before. You will be surprised by how great the results are and the response you will receive from new and existing clients.

Injectables on a Lunch Break?
How about first-time clients getting injectables on their lunch break? Medical director Ruben Ruiz, M.D. of Bella Aesthetica in Ontario, Canada, shares, "Professional airbrush makeup has truly allowed us to accommodate clients who want to come in for injectables during the week or on their lunch break. They still need to return to work looking professional. No matter what their aesthetic or medical service, they often want to be able to leave with a makeup application, which we can now make flawless. Following traditional injectable procedures, clients could not apply makeup, because we did not want to manipulate the product. Now, your clients may have the best of both worlds!" Airbrush makeup may be suggested post-procedure to help alleviate the stress and concern associated with certain invasive procedures. Being able to provide your clients with immediate coverage is a huge benefit.

Application After Treatment
Many clients undergoing cosmetic, aesthetic and medical procedures such as Botox®, Juvéderm®, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing and most chemical peels, felt discouraged that they were not allowed to use makeup right away. With the more invasive procedures, patients are given instructions to avoid makeup completely for a certain period of time. Unlike a traditional makeup application, which rubs on and into the skin, it is now possible with some airbrush makeup products to spray a delicate fine mist of makeup dots, in a touch-free application to provide the most flawless looking coverage possible that lasts up to 24 hours. It can seem almost magical for clients with bruised and/or sensitive skin. Additionally, airbrush makeup is considered the most sanitary method of makeup application, since no sponges, brushes or fingers are involved. (Especially beneficial for clients dealing with sensitive skin conditions) With airbrush makeup, a little bit goes a long way. Compared to paramedical, mineral and other high-end department store makeup, airbrush makeup is often much more affordable.
Until recently, mineral makeup has been one of the only recommended makeup options for use after these types of special aesthetic and medical procedures. Mineral makeup is often preferred for its natural ingredients and skin care benefits, which are ideal for both everyday use and as corrective coverage for post-operative care. With the help of the latest technological advances, airbrush makeup and its unique benefits are now a very simple and highly beneficial alternative, which in many cases surpasses its mineral
makeup counterparts.
When considering adding professional airbrush makeup to your skin care clinic, makeup center, spa or medical spa, make sure to ask the right questions. As professionals dealing with all sorts of skin conditions, you will want to select an airbrush makeup brand that work for a variety of applications and on as many skin types as possible. The ideal airbrush makeup for spa use will be a water-based, silicone-free, paraben-free, oil-free and non-comedogenic. Also consider formulas with alcohol content that instantly evaporates for clients dealing with acne. Ruiz adds, "Professional airbrush makeup is especially ideal for acne clients who must deal with scarring, because the product is non-comedogenic and it offers full coverage. It may also be effectively applied on any skin type. Clients walk out after peels, injectables and intense facials looking and feeling great!"

Client Referral Network
It is only a matter of time before the clients talk about your professional airbrush makeup services and products. It will also benefit them to purchase a personal airbrush makeup kit from you for their everyday use. By partnering with a reputable airbrush makeup brand that offers a distributor or reseller program, you are able to sell professional quality airbrush makeup products and accessories directly to your clients. Your clientele will look their airbrush best every day.

Partner with Professionals
When your team is considering adding professional airbrush makeup services, consider partnering with an established brand that provides advanced professional training and professional customer support services, not just consumer level customer service. Reputable airbrush makeup companies that specialize in supporting aesthetic, salon, spa and medical professionals will have a plethora of online resources available at your fingertips such as video tutorials, live chat, customized color matching and live Skype lessons. Some even offer advanced training workshops to teach you their advanced paramedical airbrushing techniques in a hands-on setting. Become the airbrush makeup consultant your clientele learns to rely on for all their airbrush makeup needs. You will then be able to service and educate your clients on proper airbrush makeup techniques which will ultimately benefit you and your brand.

Marketing and Branding
To brand or not to brand, that is the question! When it comes to professional skin care and spa services with retail, it helps to have marketing and branding support to help promote your airbrush makeup products and services. An airbrush makeup company that offers quality marketing, branding and merchandising collateral materials such as brochures, pamphlets, counter cards, posters, postcards, shelf talkers or informational videos will be the most beneficial. Moreover, finding an airbrush company that invests in their trade name with comprehensive marketing, advertising and PR programs will in turn help you represent and become a respected brand. These partner supported resources will help your facility establish itself as a location for advanced makeup solutions, thus expanding your market and retail opportunities.
In addition to the professional aesthetic services you provide, airbrush makeup will provide an exciting new finishing touch for your clientele. This new service will keep your spa or skin care facility feeling fresh and innovative.

Dina Ousley is founder and president of Dinair Airbrush Makeup. As a highly celebrated Hollywood makeup artist, she has worked in film, TV, movie and entertainment projects her entire career. She is also an instructor for many Dinair Professional Airbrush Makeup Workshops around the U.S. and the U.K. For more information on Dinair Airbrush Makeup products and workshops, call 818-308-8500 or visit For more information on Dr. Ruben Ruiz of Bella Aesthetica, call 909-984-7500 or

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