Written by Anita Dawn Jones, national master instructor for Nouveau Contour USA; Nelly Kirschner, executive director for Nouveau Contour USA; and Armand Hoes, CEO of Nouveau Contour USA

Micropigmentation is one of the fastest-growing specialties in the beauty industry. Over the past few decades, this specialty has evolved from modest approaches to superior techniques. Although implanting pigment into the skin has been evidenced since the Ice Age, implantation devices have drastically improved over the years.  


During the Ice Age, the process was done by using a piece of wood to force a sharp piece of bone or shell to insert pigment into the skin. With the advancement of digital technology, there are now devices that provide stable needle frequency, ensuring perfect pigment placement and retention in the skin.

The process of implanting inert pigment granules into the dermal layer of the skin is known as micropigmentation and the choice of pigment is crucial in final result of the procedure. Professionals should look for pigments that are evaluated for their chemical composition, microbiological containments, chemical structure, crystal form, color intensity, and handpieces that prevent cross-contamination.

The objective of these procedures is to elevate self-esteem and self-confidence, save time, and enhance the natural beauty of the client. Micropigmentation can be the client's solution to vision impairment, unsteady hands, allergies to over-the-counter cosmetics, or an inability to apply makeup. Medical conditions such as alopecia, visible scars, hair loss, and breast reconstruction are also reasons for clients to consider micropigmentation, as results promote a feeling of completeness and well-being.

A micropigmentation treatment takes approximately as long as a facial treatment, but the earnings are four to six times more per hour. When it is taken into consideration that the average cost for supplies is only five percent of the treatment price, a phenomenal profit of 95 percent is realized. The complete investment in training, devices, and products can be earned back within a few treatments. High earnings and low supply costs will allow the possibility to be extremely profitable. ad

While permanent makeup is highly recommended for many, not all clients are acceptable candidates for micropigmentation. Certain health conditions prevent the procedure from being performed, including cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, eye-related conditions, pregnancy, and others. The client's complete medical history is required in order to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Their health is a priority and should never be compromised for micropigmentation. If there is a question about the condition of the client, a doctor's clearance should be obtained before beginning the procedure.

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