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Mastering the No Makeup Look

Written by   Michelle Richardson, L.E., professional makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy-Training Center

Many skin care professionals have clients that are on the run with little or no time to apply makeup. With clients juggling numerous activities in their lives, they are starting to prefer daily looks that are low maintenance. The "no makeup look" is perfect for clients that prefer quick and easy makeup applications.

Clients have countless creative makeup looks to choose from, but a minimal makeup look will let clients' natural beauty shine through, allow their skin to breathe easier, and diminish the need for touch ups throughout the day.

The "no makeup look" is markedly different from the heavy contouring, thick eyebrows, and false eyelashes that have been common in video tutorials. More and more models on the catwalk are displaying this new beauty standard and designers are becoming known for creating muted runway looks. Even celebrities have jumped on the "no makeup" bandwagon. There is definitely a new movement toward a less-is-more look and a breathable new age has been the result.

With this look, skin care lines and treatments are now more important than ever before. Many cosmetic companies are pulling back on color and adding more items to their skin care line. Glowing skin requires less makeup to allow the natural beauty to shine through.

This look starts with a proper skin care routine that should include a non-toxic serum. Even the client's skin tone with either a BB cream or a foundation mixed with a light moisturizer; apply the cream or foundation mixture to the client's entire face and blend it in well.
If the client has redness or uneven coloring, use a heavier concealer. Although a light foundation can be used, a heavier concealer will be needed for a flawless look. Include an application of the concealer under the eyes – most clients need the extra coverage under this typically shadowed area.

Highlight the upper cheekbones, eyelids, and brim of the nose. Blend the highlighter well so as to not show any streaks that would create an unnatural appearance. Next, pick a shade of blush that appears moist and natural in coloring; to get the most natural and healthy glow, opt for a light cream blush. Apply three dots on the apples of the cheeks, blending the product towards the temples with the fingers or a blending sponge. Use a lightweight HD powder for that will allow the natural glow of the skin to show through.

Shape, groom, and shade the client's eyebrows keeping in mind that natural eyebrows never look penciled in. Groom the eyebrows and keep them in place with a clear or tinted eyebrow gel. Lightly fill-in sparse areas with eyebrow powder or a sharp pencil; use feather stroke upward motions.

Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade to define the crease, but keep it well-blended and soft. The eyes of the client, not the eye makeup, should be the main focal point. Matte eyeshadows are typically the best choice for this look.

With this look, skip the eyeliner. If the client prefers to wear it, keep the line thin and stick to softer colors, like brown or gray. Curl the eyelashes and select a mascara with a brush that helps to separate and a formula that lengthens. A black-brown or navy mascara is a softer selection in comparison to straight black. Apply a coat of mascara and run an eyelash comb through the eyelashes to remove any clumps.

When it comes to the lips, do not apply lip liner; finish with a hydrating lip color that complements the client's natural skin tone and warms their face, but still provides a supple, soft appearance.

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