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Man-hanced Makeup

Written by   Pamela Taylor, professional makeup artist and author

Welcome to the new world! Makeup for men is an emerging trend that has been gaining momentum in the past few years. It is mostly used for entertainers, rather than the average man, as most men feel uncomfortable wearing makeup and having it applied. When it is applied and treated properly, however, clients will often comment that they like the look and will ask how it was achieved. They enjoy the subtle and natural change that a touch up provides and often keep the product on after the session is complete.

Most men want to correct and conceal common skin problems and are open correcting their flaws with makeup. Visually, when a touch up is applied to reduce shine, conceal the appearance of dark circles, and/or de-puff the undereye area, men's makeup makes a very big difference.

Some of the most common skin problems men face include rosacea, discoloration around the eyes, age spots, and broken blood vessels. They may also experience balding, which can create the appearance of a light bulb effect, leaving too much shine. Men are beginning to use corrective products that are created especially for them.

The following tips and techniques will allow professionals to apply men's makeup in the ideal way!

Dark Circles – Analyze the discoloration. For blue-violet circles, choose an orange-yellow concealer to mask the blue. Apply the concealer with a sponge or a quality wand brush.

Ruddiness – Choose a warming color palette (yellow/green) that is opposite on the color wheel. This selection will reduce the appearance of redness.

Rosacea – Depending on the severity of the affected area, it is important to keep the product as thin and non-textured as possible. Certain super-coverage products result in an over textured and plastic-appearing base. Choose a liquid mineral pigment and use a sterilized wand brush.

Mascara – Apply this product deep at the root to separate the hairs. A tightly woven and/or metal mascara wand will coat the desired area. Mascara is not recommended from root to tip for a man.

Eyeliner – Depending on the shape of the eye, men can wear eyeliner. Choose a smudged or smoky product to enhance the eye area. A deep color-enhancing shade will bring out the eye color. Be aware, however, that eyeliner can age the eyes dramatically.

Bronzer – Only apply bronzer where the sun would naturally tint the face. Do not contour male clients or apply noticeable blush.

Powder – Choose a talc-free, shine-absorbing formula that reduces oil and shine. The powder can be loose or pressed, but quality products are a must when choosing facial powder.

Lips – A healing and beneficial balm is all that is needed for men. Lips can be tinted with a natural stain if required.

Facial Hair – Fill in areas of the face with matching color to further shape the desired area. When applying makeup on a male client, be sure the products are matte and water-resistant.

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