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Making Money with Makeup

Written by   Michelle Richardson, L.E.

Aestheticians are considered licensed makeup artists, however, very few skin care professionals take advantage of that title. Studies show that most women wish they were more skilled at applying their own makeup. Statistics show that the retail cosmetic sales industry is a billion dollar business. Licensed professionals should be suggesting what is best for their clients' skin and coloring and current trends. Helping clients look great will only generate business referrals. It is easy to expand a skin care business with makeup through education and retail knowledge. It is a transition that will create repeat business and increase the service base, referrals, and income! Professionals should open the possibilities of their aesthetics license by capitalizing on their license description.

Create a flawless makeup look with the right makeup artistry education and professional products and provide a great experience for the client. If the professional is a novice in the area of makeup, practicing their skills will help them find their comfort zone in a short time. The first step, however, is to obtain the right education with hands-on, face-to-face instruction that is directed toward being a professional makeup artist.brushes

While it is possible to learn many valuable tips from YouTube, there is no feedback on the progress being made or information that clients do not have access to. Furthermore, not all clients will look like the model in the YouTube video, so duplicating video looks on clients can backfire. Learn by starting with a solid educational foundation and adding to makeup artistry knowledge over time and with experience. Professionals can also read about makeup artistry tips for creating a flawless look, as well as tricks for breaking down any style to fit any client perfectly. Applying a flawless look takes skills, but, as a skin care professional, facilitating healthy skin will make the process easier and create a winning look for the client.

Makeup Products and Tools
Although professionals can purchase makeup that is recommended by a YouTuber, they should try a product first and then decide if the item should be a part of their collection. Do not automatically buy into the retail arena of products that are, indirectly, paid advertisement presentations. Furthermore, professionals should have a variety of colors in their makeup arsenal. Start with a few items and add to it as time goes and as the budget and skill level grows. Working from a makeup display is a subtle way of selling the makeup line throughout the lesson. A display in the professional's work station area looks much better than having makeup spread out on a counter top. It is important to have a completely professional look that is comparable to any retail makeup counterpart. Go on a field trip to any department store and/or free standing makeup store to gather ideas to bring back to the spa. Capitalize on their million dollar research on how to merchandise.pic-1

Using the right tools, especially good, professional brushes, can make a big difference in creating an immaculate look. Cheap brushes do not work well for a precise application. Professional brushes are a great investment and, if they are taken care of properly, they can last for quite some time. Professionals should buy the best makeup brushes they can afford. Price, however, is not always the main factor; be educated enough to know what creates a quality brush. A perfect makeup style is created by using the right makeup products, tools, and placement. It is a temporary illusion that is meant for a specific situation to enhance the client's natural beauty.

Professionals can increase their income by conducting makeup lessons. Most clients have never been taught how to properly apply their makeup for their coloring or eye and face shape and rarely update their look with current seasonal styles. There is a great need for clients to learn how to apply makeup from a professional that has their best interest in mind. Lessons are a much needed service. If the professional has a desire to grow their business, they will greatly capitalize on this additional service!

Makeup Lesson Format
Have the client bring all of their makeup to the lesson. This request is the best way to see and sort through the client's cosmetic wardrobe firsthand. It is the perfect opportunity to give suggestions on which items they should keep and which ones should be thrown out. If the professional has their own makeup line, they can fill in any holes with items that would fit perfectly in the client's collection of makeup. Using and showing their own product line is a great way for professionals to make extra income and a steady stream of repeat business. It is a much better maneuver than taking a client shopping at a cosmetic counter or suggesting that they go to Sephora or MAC. Professionals do not make commission and most makeup artists have taken a similar field trip on their own time, but time is money! As long as the professional sells a quality product with their name branded on each item, they can make sales on all of the items their client needs with ongoing repeat business and referrals.

Discuss which colors are best for the client's own natural coloring and lifestyle and explain why. Having visuals can really help support the professional's choices. Lessons can begin with an overall look, but clients should come back for a miniature update lesson on new seasonal trends, smoky eyes, and eyelash application lessons. Updating the client's lesson plan will update the professional's revenue.

Show the client a step-by-step, everyday makeup application. As the artist, start with one side of the client's face. The client will learn by doing the other half of their face. The client should also be taking detailed notes on a face chart as the lesson progresses. After the everyday look is completed, be sure to show the client how to take the makeover to an evening or special occasion look.

Complete the lesson with a question and answer session. Be sure to discuss product recommendations and any other suggestions in review of the client's abilities. Pricing will depend on the professional's skill level and area. Average fees, however, will usually start at $75 per hour, separate from the product sales profit.

Brand loyalty brings repeat business and maximizes profits. Normal profit margins have a two-to-four time markup. Professionals can print their logo and brand name onto all of the items in their product line. Bringing this dynamic to the spa will bring a unique image to life. With private label, professionals have the flexibility to select their own colors and style of packaging design and the ability to design their own displays. Imagine the spa's name on a line of makeup and skin care products that clients will simply love! Professionals can take their name to the next level and start their own retail business. Create a makeup line that is unique to the spa and can be found nowhere else. Professionals can sell non-stop on their own website. Selling retail becomes important when the professional's service time is maxed out. Professionals can only do so many services per day, so constant online sales are a great way to increase revenue and grow business. In the retail marketplace of today, the most successful salespeople are those who possess the drive to be different; they are the innovators.

Professionals cannot always wait for clients to come to them. It will be up to the professional to increase client awareness of their products and services so that potential clients will have a reason to seek them out. Social gatherings are a fun way of introducing the professional's regular client base to new products. Send out invitations for a morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend event. If there is no space for seating in the spa, the professional can seek out a meeting place or rent a room where they can set up a display of their product line and set up for light refreshments. They can even invite a keynote speaker to present a talk on a subject related to their topic. For example, if the professional is introducing the season's current fashion shades, their products should reflect these new colors. The professional may wish to send congratulations or birthday cards to special key clients. Inside the card, they can include a written offer that reads, "Stop by for your free gift the next time you are in our Beauty Center." The gift should be something small with a certain value associated to it; it should be an item that would not normally be given to just anyone. Large retailers usually have a buying team that coordinate in-store events and promotions.

Smaller independent stores are often left on their own. Being in that category, the professional may want to develop a gift-with-purchase or purchase-with-purchase promotion or price savings value offers to encourage increased spending.

Some retailers like to offer in-store contests to build excitement in their cosmetic department. The prize can be a service like a complete makeover or merchandise. Since clients do not have to buy the merchandise in order to enter the contest, the professional may wonder why so many companies offer them. The main objective of a contest is to stimulate in-store traffic, increase awareness of the brands featured, and build excitement at the counter. Sales will follow naturally.

A retailer's advertising flyer may contain a coupon that can be redeemed in the store either for money off of a purchase or for a free item. Sometimes, instead of a coupon, the advertisement suggests that consumers bring an old makeup product, such as lipstick or mascara; an empty container; or a certain number of register receipts to be redeemed for a fixed dollar deduction or percentage off their next purchase. This method is an exciting way to advertise a sale as it involves the client. It is especially useful if the professional needs to reduce stock.

One of the best ways to build a business is through referrals. Suggest to regular clients that if they refer the spa's products and/or services to friends and family, they will receive a free gift or a money-off discount voucher for each person who stops in for a consultation. When filing information for a new client, make a note of the referrer's name. Referrals will not only build the professional's roster of clients, but will also increase their sales!

Once the professional has
established a career as a beauty expert, they will have a wealth of knowledge on self-improvement. Choose a few interesting topics to speak on and then proceed to contact community centers, employment agencies, schools, Greek organizations, women's groups, and various clubs in the area.

Professionals should not be afraid to use any connections they have in other areas of business. They may be surprised at how many companies are looking for qualified individuals to speak to their staff. The media may also be interested in their talents, especially if there is something newsworthy about their topic.laptop

Social media marketing has proven to be an excellent and cost-effective way to promote small businesses. After all, social media allows professionals to promote their business and develop business relationships with both potential and current clients. Pinterest is a social networking website that permits users to share images by pinning pictures or videos to pin boards. These pins can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter for additional exposure. Twitter is a great way for the professional to follow users with whom they wish to conduct business. Professionals can engage these users by re-tweeting their posts, answering their questions, and commenting on their tweets. In order for the professional to position themselves as an expert in their field, they should post new tweets on a regular basis. Facebook helps with promoting a small business and makes excellent business sense, as most people spend more time on this social networking site than any other.

While there are other means to market a small business, marketing via social media can be a fun way to promote the spa in a cost-effective manner. Combining multiple forms of social media marketing can give the spa a major boost. Taking the first step toward makeup artistry is the hardest, but it will be well worth the investment for an even more successful business.

michelle-richardsonMichelle Richardson is a licensed aesthetician and professional makeup artist with over 25 years of experience. She has worked for numerous retail cosmetic lines, including Estée Lauder, Lancôme, and Christian Dior. Richardson is the co-owner of the California Makeup Academy - Training Center for professional makeup artists and the co-owner of Your Makeup Line, a private label

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