Implementing Trends into a Client’s Makeup Routine

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As professionals gear up for the colder months, they want to be sure that they are creating impactful, on-trend makeup looks. A professional’s secret weapons this season are shimmering highlights, bold lip colors, and fun, metallic eye shadows.



Eyes set the precedence for a look that is either fun, daring, or mysterious. For clients who are bold and outgoing, metallic eye shadows are a professional’s go-to for this season.

To achieve a sultry eye look, use a touch of cream shimmer with silver metallic eye shadow. The trick is to sweep a metallic eye shadow on the eyelids and then add glitter. If clients desire a more dramatic look, opt for lining the eyes with either silver, bronze, or gold eyeliner and extend a dramatic wing. Remember to line both the top and bottom eyelids.

For glittery eyes, apply an eye primer, followed by an application of metallic eye shadow. Then, smolder the eyes with a black eyeliner and wing it out to create a cat eye. Be sure to tap glitter eye shadow in the center of the eyelids for a more pronounced effect. Glitter eye shadow formulations include powder, loose glitter, liquid, or cream. The glittery eye shadows accentuate fluttery eyelashes, making the eyes pop with luster and shimmer. For long-lasting adhesion on the eyelids, apply a glitter eye shadow primer before applying the glitter.



This season, forget the average crimson lip color. Bold, vampy lips in the berry, wine, and blackened-plum family are all the rage. Whether it is a glossy or a matte finish, the lipstick can be applied seamlessly if clients maintain well-moisturized lips. For a matte finish, apply a matte lipstick and blot with translucent powder. For glossy bold lips, line them with a vampy color of the client’s choice and then fill in the lips with the same pencil. Next, apply the lipstick and top it off with a clear gloss. Vampy lips can be paired with smudged-out black eye liner for a more dramatic effect. Professionals can also eliminate eye makeup altogether, keeping the focus on that perfect pout.



Trends may fade, but timeless, glowing skin will always be in style. Maintaining flawless skin starts with clients adhering to a quality skin care regimen, coupled with seamless foundation technique. Whether the professional is applying creams, liquids, or powders, the goal is to create a flawless finish using the right tools. Always dab on foundation with cosmetic sponges (beauty blender or wedge), a foundation brush, or airbrush spray. Use a large fan brush to sweep shimmer across the cheekbones. Skip the mauve blush and go for a softer peach, allowing the highlight to be the face’s spotlight. Remember, the goal is to create an overall warm glow look.

Whether it is metallic eyes or shimmer highlights, the color choices are vast. Though there are color palettes that say “fall is here,” don’t feel confined to these trends. There are only three rules: have fun, rinse those brushes, and repeat.

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