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Helping Clients Prepare for Professional Headshots

Written by   Annie Mayo, president and CEO of Advanced Mineral Makeup

Many clients are asked to prepare themselves for a professional photoshoot or company headshots that will be used in a variety of business avenues. Clients may become overwhelmed at the thought of preparing for professional photographs, but this uncertainty gives the skin care professional an opportunity to step in and help the client prepare for the event. When the client is equipped with the right hair style and color, makeup, and wardrobe, they will not have to guess or be unsure about how they will look; with the professional's help, they will know that they look their best!

Have the client schedule a refreshing and hydrating facial treatment one week prior to the photoshoot in order to facilitate skin that glows. They should also be getting a great cut and color for their hair shortly before the photoshoot.

Advise the client to pick their outfit well in advance, choosing a classy, solid suit (pants or skirt). It is best for clients to avoid outfits that have floral patterns or stripes. If the client opts to wear a skirt, it should be knee-length.pic1

Apply the client's makeup in natural light in order to give them the most realistic look. Apply more makeup than the client typically wears for the sake of the camera, but do not overdo it or cause them to feel uncomfortable. Their skin should look flawless and the makeup application should bring out their eyes and lips. A little gloss in the center of the bottom lip will make the client's lips look pouty and full.

A light application of false eyelashes will open up their eyes and add a nice touch. Be sure their eyebrows are groomed and filled in. Do not be too harsh with their eyeliner or lip liner, being sure to smudge the liners with the fingers to create a softer line look that is blended with the rest of the makeup.

Remind clients to take their makeup to the set for touch ups, as well as a small, handheld mirror to watch for a shiny nose or forehead. They should have a small powder puff and matte powder in order to matte the shine on their face. It is also beneficial for clients to take a brush, comb, and hair spray with them to style and watch for flyaways.

When it comes to taking the actual pictures, clients can watch other people get their photographs taken in order to feel out the mood. Their posturing during the photoshoot should be as natural as possible; they should not be too stoic or animated. Clients can also ask the photographer to see some of the shots that have been taken to see if they like the way they look and determine what, if anything, needs to be changed.

Most importantly, remind clients to have fun, maintain a great attitude, and let their personality shine.

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