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Flaunting Facial Features

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A person's facial features can be their best asset. Many clients, however, are at a loss when it comes to the best way to flaunt their assets. Makeup artists look at the face as a canvas, taking control over each feature and transforming the face into a beautiful, eye-catching piece of art.

Flaunting the Right Features
When working with a client, it is important to pick the right features to flaunt. Look at the client's face without makeup on in natural light for 10 seconds and then look away. After turning away, the professional should think about what they remember about the client's face. The feature they remember is generally the one that either needs to be flaunted or downplayed. Study the client's face, look deep into their eyes, and get a feel for what their personality says about them. Decide whether their look is going to be natural, clean and fresh, sultry, or dramatic.eyelash

The natural look brings out the eyes. In order to achieve this look, even out the skin tone, apply soft blush, and create a translucent lip. Be sure to frame the eyes, including the water line, and use colors that will not be overpowering. If the goal is to make the eyes more dramatic with a natural look, make the eyebrows bolder and add strips or extensions to the eyelashes.

High Cheek Bones
Using a light, translucent shimmer, start at the center of the eyebrow bone and, working in a circular motion to the center of the eye, sweep it back into the temple. Then, starting at the tragus of the ear, use the darkest color available and contour the hollow of the cheekbone. Take a lighter color and sweep down toward the jawline. Apply blush by sweeping it from the contour line and working it into the
shimmer line.eyebrow

Accentuated Lips
To accentuate the client's lips, use a light concealer or light shimmer highlighter, apply it around the outside perimeter of their lips and blend it into their foundation. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips or create a fuller lip. Apply the desired color and gloss to accentuate the effect.

Bold Eyebrows
In order to define the eyebrows and make them bold, the head and body of the eyebrow need to be parallel lines. Apply a light powder or translucent shimmer above the eyebrow and a light, flesh-colored shimmer on the eyebrow bone. Take the eyebrow powder, pencil, or fibers and fill in the eyebrows. Professionals may also suggest eyebrow extensions to their client.

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