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Fall Makeup’s Artistic Inspiration

Written by   Tasha D. Manigo-Bizzell, makeup artist and aesthetic nutritionist

This fall, makeup trends feature an eclectic mix of tradition and taboo, redefining beauty and pushing the limits of fashion. The fall season welcomes all degrees of artistic expression, but the challenge lies in interpreting the runway's over-the-top style for the everyday wearer; the dos and don'ts of makeup, like lining the eye crease in black pencil or drawing outside of the natural lip line and then expertly wiping it off, do not seem to apply to the runway. This season, whether the trends include graphic-print eyes, full-on lips, or glittery skin, most professionals hope their clients have enough confidence to pull it off.

Statement Piece
Black eyeliner is making a comeback in a big way, lining everything from lips to eyebrows, and it is perfectly legal! Fully rimmed eyes are clearly defined and fabulously messy at the same time. The runways feature models with varying degrees of smudge, but for a look that is wearable in the real world, line the top eyelid from corner to corner using an intensely dark black pencil. For darker skin tones, navy is the new black. If a more theatrical look is desired, opt for liquid eyeliner. For the lower eyelid, keep things soft by using a small angle brush and black eyeshadow to gently shade close to the eyelash line. The lower eyelid can also be skipped altogether for an understated look.

Keeping with the dark theme, dark lips are still popular. Statement-making red lips, like Gwen Stefani's, have some company this season. Berry, wine, and plum colors all provide dramatic intensity. Be sure to choose the shade that best compliments the client's skin tone. Hues with red and golden undertones will pair best with warmer skin tones, whereas blue hues work best with cooler skin tones.

The season's hottest accent is sparkly glitter. Use it to line the eyes, splash the cheeks, or lighten up the eyebrow bone. A touch of shimmer is all that is needed to create a not-so-subtle accent. Pair the glitter with a flesh-toned cream blush in peach, pink, or coral. Use a neutral shadow on the eyelids as the backdrop and sparkle as much glitter as the client requests. A makeup primer works great to hold glitter in place.

Natural Highlights
At the other end of the makeup spectrum is a more muted look that is far from being dull. The makeup is minimal and flawless skin is the star of the show. Be sure to even out the complexion with a foundation that matches the client's skin. Coverage that is too light or dark will look artificial. Skip the powder for a dewy finish and add just a bit of peach highlight on a few key areas like the cheeks, eyelids, forehead, or chin for a romantic glow. blackfemale

Artistic Liberties
The overall theme for fall can be described as purposely unfinished. It is whimsical and playful, with blending being left to the discretion of the artist. Furthermore, there is no need for overly manicured eyebrows. Instead, leave them bushy and unkempt. Add lines of color under the eyes, across the cheeks, or feathered out in the eyelashes. Create an abstract pattern, like Chanel's quilted eyeshadow on model Gigi Hadid, or go completely wild with glitter appliqués. Whatever they are in the mood for, clients will definitely make a statement without ever saying a word.

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