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10 Things About...Makeup Application

Written by Noreen Young, L.E.

Makeup can do wonders when it is applied properly to the skin. With the recent emphasis on makeup on social media, clients often think that they have to contour, strobe, highlight, reverse contour, and more. However, that kind of application becomes too overwhelming when done on a daily basis. Clients should focus on using makeup to enhance their features. They should not hide behind it or go overboard. Clients want to look like themselves, only better. 

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Most importantly, they do not want a 'cookie cutter face,' where every makeup client in the spa looks alike. Clients simply want to look and feel their best.

one1. The beauty of makeup today is there are no real rules for color; anything goes. The nude look and dark smoky eyes are used so often that professionals should try playing with soft metallic eyes that use colors like champagne, silver gray, and soft gold. A smoky colorful eye is also a refreshing new choice. Aqua blue and royal blue eyeliner are nice alternatives to the common brown and black eyeliner.

2. Many clients are in a makeup rut, doing the same routine over and over. Teach them some new tricks. They will think of the spa each time they apply their makeup and enjoy visiting again to learn more tips and new trending looks.two

three3. All clients are different and have different makeup preferences. Some clients only want to wear lipstick and blush, while others may only want to wear a colorless lip balm and a moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer. Always customize makeup applications to suit the client's requests and have a variety of makeup options on hand.

4. False eyelashes are not for everyone and not realistic for every client and their lifestyle. While they may be a favorite of professionals, the average client may not love them as much. Do not push clients into getting them, but do keep a few styles in stock, especially around wedding, prom, and holiday seasons.

5. Blush and lipstick are the perfect facelift. Always offer to do a makeup application of these two cosmetics after a facial as not all clients want to leave feeling naked faced after a facial. Be sure to carry the latest and greatest makeup brands to entice clients and show them something new.fourandfive

six6. Remind the client that if they want luscious eyelashes, they need to use an eyelash curler before putting on their mascara. They can also use an eyelash conditioner or plumper to enhance their eyelashes' volume and length.

7. If clients are reluctant to use a lip liner, have them try a colorless lip liner, as it gives shape to the lips without color.

8. Dirty makeup brushes can interfere with flawless-looking makeup applications. Keep the makeup brush essentials in stock for clients to purchase and teach them how to keep their brushes clean. Keep a tip sheet on washing brushes in a holder next to the makeup

eight9. Stock the makeup station or makeup box with the right products. Stock up on timeless colors and tools the client will need to be gorgeous. Timeless shades, along with some trendy shades, will boost the professional's retail! If the professional does not stock them, the client will drive elsewhere to buy them.

10. Always advise clients to thoroughly remove their makeup at the end of every day. Makeup can clog the pores and contribute to the formation of pimples and chronic inflammation. Furthermore, sleeping in makeup can also cause the skin to appear dull because the lack of cleansing and exfoliation creates dead skin cell buildup. To properly remove makeup, clients should use an oil-based cleanser to remove all traces of the cosmetics from the skin. They should follow that cleansing with the use of a gel cleanser to remove excess oils and allow for the penetration of products. Clients can also opt to use a different makeup remover for the eye area or makeup-removal wipes if it is late and they are too tired for a double cleansing.nine

Clients take their face with them everywhere they go. Teach them how to do their makeup quickly and how to do it when they have more time. Offer seasonal update sessions, makeup lessons, and special occasion applications. Let clients know that they can create pretty faces on their own with professional products and beauty secrets.

noreen-youngNoreen Young is an internationally-known makeup artist, educator, and motivational speaker. She is an author and has a series of how-to videos for the beauty professional. Young is a consultant to cosmetic companies, salons, and day spas. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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