What's your recipe for deciding appropriate service prices?

Written by Douglas Preston, L.E., president of Preston Beauty Professional
Many skin care professionals have a salon, spa, or private aesthetic practice and want to know the best way to price their services. Some professionals have checked the local competition to find the average rate for facials, massages, and other programs they plan on offering.
One of the most common occurrences in waxing is skin lifting or tearing. Professionals should understand the difference between the two so that they can better determine if they can help soothe the client’s skin or if they should refer them for medical attention.

What’s your recipe for staying motivated?

Written by Ann McDonnell, L.E.
Love what you do. Be passionate about your profession. Do you love the study and care of skin and are you a people person? Do you get gratification from helping others? The aesthetics industry is one of service. If you are excited about what you do, you will greet every day with anticipation and enthusiasm.
In the skin care industry, a ‘specialty product’ is a complementary product that offers exclusive benefits and targeted-problem solutions far better than the standard, daily-recommended skin care essentials. Specialty products, as the words imply, are items that promote, enhance, and improve the appearance of one thing by maximizing the efficacy of something already being used, boosting it to a higher level of performance and delivery of results.
As women, we live in a world where the standards of beauty and youthfulness are set incredibly high. Even when we are healthy, it can often be hard to face the mirror.
Depending on the client’s age, the makeup artist will need to assist the client with an age-appropriate look. Some young clients want to start using all kinds of makeup at a very young age. My advice is to guide them. As I apply makeup to their face, I make it even more of a learning experience by having them apply makeup along with me. This teaches them how to achieve…
No matter how great your customer service is, challenging situations will always arise. You need to be prepared so that you know how to deal with these situations before they occur.
Skin care professionals should begin by differentiating themselves from department stores and retailers by doing all consultations in the treatment room. The client should be laid down, skin cleansed, then analyzed through a magnifying lens. Find out what the client's concerns are. These will lead the professional to discover their habits. Every client has a goal – something they want to change about their complexion. The client can be handed…
by Mara Shorr, B.S., CAC II-XII and Jay A. Shorr, B.A., MBM-C, CAC I-XII You are itching to grow, and believe me, we know the feeling! There comes a time when partnering with a physician appears to be the next logical step… congratulations on being ready to take it! Wondering what to watch out for? Find the circumstance that fits your situation:

What’s your recipe for turning waxing clients into skin care clients?

Written by Desiree Duran-Cortez, L.E., C.L.H.R.P.
Competition is everywhere. We compete with other aestheticians, businesses, the media, and cosmetic retailers, but we are also competing with ourselves if we are not sharing our talent and products with clients. Communication is the number one way to tell people about a business. Without it, spa owners would simply sit and hope that clients see the menu in the lobby or on the Internet. It is easier to retain…
Your relationship with the customer is most important, so whatever the mistake or client’s opinion of the pricing in this scenario, the demeanor in which the client is regarded for is most important.

What’s your recipe for the perfect summer skin routine?

Written by Ahmed Abdullah, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.
You might notice that clients are increasingly savvy about how to properly manage their skin at home. With the availability of skin care lines and anti-aging formulations in a range of price points, most of the women (and many men) I encounter have put together a skin care routine that generally meets their needs; that is, at least, until the seasons change. As skin responds to fluctuations in temperature and…
The aesthetics industry continues to grow and with that, so does the number of licensed skin care professionals. I have been in the aesthetic industry for 20 years and have trained aestheticians to work in a medical office for nine years. As a frequent speaker at seminars and aesthetic schools, the first question I am most often asked is how to get a job. To put it simply, a career…
Achemical peel burn is every skin care professional’s worst nightmare, but no matter how skilled the professional, burns can happen. The causes can be many – an undiagnosed skin condition or undisclosed medication, perhaps even sun exposure that the client considered negligible or forgot about.
Is it a mole or is it a shadow? No wait, it is hyperpigmentation! While most clients are thrilled with the smooth, silky results of laser hair removal, occasionally hyperpigmentation does occur post-treatment. So, what is this menacing condition and what can you do about it?
Handle your client gently when discussing this topic. Excessive plucking and tweezing could be a psychological disorder known as trichotillomania and would require professional medical intervention.
The facial is complete. Your client is looking radiant and loving the education you spilled during the time spent together in the treatment room. Your client expressed to you during the consultation what she would like to improve in the look and feel of her skin. Feeling confident, your client is ready to go home looking fabulous and you are foreseeing new home care products finding their way to her…
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