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Joniann and Steve Marchese, owners of LightStim

Cecily Braden, founder of CJB Beauty Secrets

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SPF Saviors

Trendsetters share insights on SPF products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals. Danné MontagueKing President of DMKDanné MontagueKing Co. “NUTRASCREEN has all the benefits of SPF 30 with a base of organic screens, plus skin revisions ingredients.” Dasha Saian Marchese CEO of SAIAN Natural Clinical Skincare “This oil-free, water-based sunscreen mist is perfect for sensitive skin, especially acneic skin. SAIAN Sunscreen Mist SPF…

Hair Removal Haptics

Trendsetters share insights on hair removal-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals. Cali VanAelst, L.E. Perron Rigot Training Director I love the Tattoo Sublim system; it leaves skin smooth while reviving and brightening the ink design. Tattoo Wax is easy and effortless – a three-step system for a true tattoo wax service.” Lindsay Miller President of LYCON USA “LYCOdream Hybrid Wax is…

Powerhouse Acne Products

Trendsetters share insights on acne-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals. Danné Montague-King President of DMK- Danné Montague-King Co. “With its wetting agents, ACU MIST carries all of the acne actives immediately into the pores. The botichem compound destroys the c. acne bacterium.” Kaelin Jutras Creator of Herbal Skin Solutions “For a fresh, glowing complexion, this toner effectively balances skin. Blended…

Skin Health

Trendsetters share insights on skin health-based products they recommend for skin care and spa professionals. Natalie Pergar, L.E. Lead Skin Care Trainer for Eminence Organic Skin Care “This revolutionary super balm uses a natural repair complex to promote cell regeneration. Antioxidants derived from rosehip and rosemary oil support the skin’s defense against free radicals and prevent damage from environmental stressors.” Ben Johnson, MD CEO…

Sanitation & PPE

Trendsetters share insights on sanitation products and personal protective equipment they recommend for skin care and spa professionals. Dasha Saian-Marchese, L.E. Co-Founder of SAIAN Natural Clinical Skincare “Hand sanitizers have a tendency to dry out skin on the hands because of their high alcohol content.This is why I love the new Sanitizer Gel with vegan hyaluronic acid. Hands stay hydrated even after repeated use, which…

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