Young girls are often told by their mothers, grandmothers, and sometimes even a skin care professional that shaving will cause their hair to grow back thicker and darker. Is there any truth behind this belief or is it just an old wives tale? If this statement were true, anyone who has ever suffered from balding would be shaving their heads religiously, expecting the regrowth to…

Fact or Fiction: Hair can benefit from a weekly mayonnaise hair treatment.

Written by Melissa Picoli-Phillips, L.E., founder of Skin + Sky
Try as they might, there are often times when even the most brilliant, well-funded product developers get a run for their money by inexpensive, food-based products. Hair masks are an example of this conundrum. A stroll through any well-stocked hair aisle will provide dozens of masks promising shine, bounce, health, and manageability of even the most bleached-out, porous hair. Many of those products actually do…

Fact or Fiction: Dark Circles Are Genetic

Written by Catherine Atzen, founder of ATZEN Superior to OrganicTM Skin Care
Dark circles are common at all ages, even in children. For some, they are permanent; for others, they vary based on lifestyle or medical conditions. While they are not a health concern in most cases, it helps to identify causes or aggravators; usually, lifestyle changes, combined with adapted skin care, will improve the condition. When the skin has an abundance of melanin around the eyes, it…
Pimples happen to the best of us. No matter how diligent clients are with their cleansing routine, every now and then a pore can become blocked and an uninvited guest takes up residence on the face.

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