Normajean Fusco president and owner of Equibal Inc.

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Forty years ago, Normajean Fusco founded Equibal Labs. She was inspired by the childhood influence of her nature-loving grandfather. Nufree® was originally developed for use on patients prior to cosmetic surgery, but was brought to the professional beauty industry at the request of spa and salon owners whose clients needed a superior alternative to waxing.

What do you see as an upcoming trend in the industry?
The biggest trend will be teaching and educating the client. Highly active and effective products will keep the professional on top of the thousands of knock offs, fads, and celebrity mail order. The internet is just too big and there are millions of people who can be fooled. Fighting the fads or going back to unsanitary at-home products can lead to health and liability trouble. Professionals who educate their clients will always succeed. Antiquated services and thinking is out. With larger and larger populations and globalism, safety is very important. People always look for safe and more natural ways to look their best.pic-1

Is there a particular moment or procedure where most skin care professionals go wrong? What could they alter for a better result?
Salon and spa professionals need to have an open mind about continuing education. Just because you have been in the industry for years does not mean you cannot learn new techniques or perform new services! Get out there and learn! Experience!

Do you have a motto by which you live?
Do not make or do anything you would not use on yourself or your children.

logoOther than your products, what are the greatest assets and strengths your company offers?
One way to perpetuate high demand for your products is to make them exclusive. Clients can only get a Nufree finipil treatment in a registered Nufree finipil salon, which means that we have gone through the process of checking to make sure the product is only being used by a licensed professional who abides by all state and federal requirements. Clients cannot pick up Nufree finipil in a local drug store or supermarket.

Do you or your company support any particular causes or charitable organizations? If so, who and why?

When Katrina hit, Equibal Labs donated a house built by Habitat for Humanity to a family in need! We also donate to local animal shelters, rescue efforts, service animals, endangered species, and the Susan G. Komen foundation.


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