Maribeth Melton, L.E. NovaLash® LASHoff 2016 Lash Artist of the Year

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Maribeth Melton has been in the industry for 3.5 years. She is a licensed aesthetician and has an Associate's Degree in Aesthetics. She is also a sugar practitioner, certified eyelash extensionist, and an American Volume extensionist. She is incredibly honored to be the winner of the 2016 Novalash Lashoff Melton tries to expose herself to all aspects of the aesthetics industry by attending tradeshows, reading industry publications, and interacting with other business owners and aestheticians.

What characteristics or skills set you apart from your peers and enabled you to be so successful so quickly?

Without a doubt, my customer service has projected me to success. I treat every client with the utmost respect and always strive to do my best to satisfy them and make them as comfortable as possible. I also stay current with my own education so that I can educate my clients properly. My desire is for my clients to always know that they can trust me and trust that I know what I am doing.closeup

What are the greatest pressures, strains, or anxieties in the work?
Many pressures come from those clients that have unrealistic expectations. When it comes to skin, clients want to see a huge difference in one session and that is rarely possible. With eyelashes, the pressure comes from the guessing game of figuring out what the clients really wants verses what they say they want.


Is there a particular moment or procedure where most professionals go wrong? What could they alter for a better result?
Eyelashes are where most professionals go wrong and it is mainly due to a lack of education. In Oklahoma, aesthetic schools hardly spend any time, if any at all, on eyelashes and yet our licenses cover eyelashes without the need of getting an extra certification through an eyelash company. I think that all cosmetologists and aestheticians that want to do eyelashes should get certified through an eyelash company.

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