Linda Bertaut | Makeup Artist, Image Consultant, Reiki Master Teacher, Author, and Entrepreneur

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Linda Bertaut's interest in cosmetics and skin care started when she was 12 years old when she would admire her mother's beautiful clothing, jewelry and makeup. A year later she took a John Robert Powers modeling course and learned about makeup in addition to poise and good grooming habits – things that have stayed with her for life. Her first career was working in the fashion industry for 10 years. Then, she went on to become an Image Consultant which eventually introduced her to makeup artistry. In 1986, Linda went to cosmetician school to get her license so she could legally 'touch and charge' for her services.Thus, her new beauty industry career was born. After 25 plus years in our industry, she feels fortunate to be able to share her voice in magazines, to be able to speak at tradeshows, and to be a contributor in the Milady textbook.

Linda believes that all you need is something you are passionate about mixed with your innate talent and you can create a fulfilling career in the beauty industry. I have held various roles and positions within this industry. From being a makeup artist and image consultant; founder of the 'Looking Good Breakfast' in San Francisco; modeling instructor, regional manager for Macy's By Appointment and Beauty by Appointment, personal shopping divisions; aesthetics instructor in San Francisco; Reiki master teacher; author; speaker; President of Beauty Industry West in Los Angeles; instructor at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) Los Angeles; creator of Chakra Personality Types personality profile system; owner of Bertaut Beauty, Chakralicious and Your Life Matters to Me. Being an image consulting and makeup artist had the most impact on myself and others. When I first started my business, I had no idea that you could change someone's life by teaching them how to apply their makeup and change their wardrobe. As it turns out my image consulting and makeup business, became about helping women to discover their identity. From this I learned that you can jump start someone's confidence and self esteem from the outside in. It has been a catalyst for bringing inner beauty to the surface which is my passion. Transformation has been my constant theme; for myself and others. I always see beauty beneath the surface … I search for it. The key to true beauty is matching one's appearance to who they are on the inside. The book matches the cover so to speak so there is no guessing … only authenticity. As for regrets … I watched my mother go from being a vibrant, creative woman to depressed and suicidal. Losing her to suicide, when I was 13, eventually became the catalyst for the work I do now. It is so important to trust your intuition and feelings. This is what guides you to live your best life. Let people know just how much you like, love and appreciate them while you can. Support people's gifts and strengths. You never know when a kind deed will make all the difference in someone's life. My biggest regret is not being able to remember if I hugged my mom and told her how much I loved her the last time I saw her. I believe people go wrong when they try to be something they are not. It is okay to experiment and try different things. It is also okay to make lots of mistakes. The key is to learn from all of these things to create what works best for you and your clients. My secret to keeping life in balance is to enjoy the journey and have variety. It is energizing for me to create and to share my knowledge with others. I am energized by seeing others having a-ha moments. The best thrill is seeing someone really experience who they are and know that they are okay to live their life with purpose doing what they do best.

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