Morag Currin: Founder and president of Oncology Training International (OTI)

Morag Currin: Founder and president of Oncology Training International (OTI)

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Morag Currin, founder and president of Oncology Training International (OTI), was the first to supply the aesthetics industry with oncology aesthetics training based on a need to dispel the myth that aestheticians cannot provide safe services for people living with cancer and other health challenges. This integrative approach to cancer care takes into consideration a patient’s identity and helps them regain a positive relationship with their body. Today, OTI is an internationally-recognized brand.

2LTPjuly18How did you decide that skin care was the right industry for you?

I remember being into skin care as a teenager and always took care of my skin from then on, but did not frequent spas.


What do you see as an upcoming trend in the industry?

Awareness of health concerns and a need for wellness modalities and clean products.


What is your biggest hope for the industry going forward?

Better education, higher standards, and for North American standards to improve to that of other countries to gain credibility with medical professionals.


Why do you think people are loyal to certain brands?1LTPJuly18

People connect with brands; they want to be part of what is popular. Results from products also bring loyalty.


What advice do you have for someone planning to start a career in this field?

Find an educator trained in Europe, South Africa, or other countries with high standards and develop the relationship so they can mentor you going forward.


How did you come up with the name of your business?

We coined the term Oncology Esthetics® as it defines aesthetics targeted for people living with cancer.  Oncology Training International defines the company offering training in this modality.


What causes or charitable organizations do you or your company support?

OTI supports cancer support groups by offering services to people with cancer during our trainings.  The reward is seeing the joy radiating from the survivors.


3LTPJuly18Which honor or achievement are you most proud of? Have you won any awards?

Being the pioneer for Oncology Esthetics for 10 years and continuing to grow is a big achievement. Having two books published on cancer and other health challenges is a bit before our time, but it is slowly getting into the spa industry. Another major achievement is having our training used in a scientific study which has now been published.


How do you approach the unknown?

As an interesting challenge.  I love exploring and asking questions from experts who have expertise I don’t have – their feedback helps me navigate a path.


What is the best way to keep your eye on future results?

Researching and engaging in dialogues.


How do you keep your feelings from clouding your decision-making?

I remove myself from the office and spend time with horses or on the beach and come up with a few solutions.


What dreams and goals inspired you to succeed?

I am hearing impaired and do not like certain treatments in a spa, especially when the aesthetician has no clue about how to modify the service to address the issue(s). I know many people who have a disability, syndrome or disease and they will not go to a spa because they are not handled appropriately. My personal experiences and those of others drives me to raise the bar of current standards.


4LTPjuly18How do you give credit where credit is due?

If I learned something from someone and it’s a success, I will always give them credit by recognizing them.  I have no fear of saying someone taught me something. Angela Noviello, our Italian director and owner of Milano Esthetica in Italy, deserves tons of credit for the above mentioned scientific study as she participated in this for approximately four years. Talk about commitment!


What is your number one priority?

My health and happiness, followed by my horses and cats.


When is breaking the rules okay?

It’s not okay, unless someone’s safety is at stake.


What values are you committed to?

Honestly, integrity, giving credit where due, and having fun!


What do you do to live a balanced life?

Spend time with my horses, exercise, and travel.  I love to head for the beach.


Who has influenced you the most?

No one in particular.  However, I am inspired by and respect some of my colleagues in the industry.


How do you spend most of your time?

Sadly, office bound, but with my horses when out of the office.

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