These classic advertisements highlight dominant companies that marketed with DERMASCOPE during the early years and have grown alongside the magazine. Take a look at these vintage campaigns and read about how they changed with the company.
In this industry, nothing is more important to a skin care professional's success than having a mentor to guide them through their journey. If you have not established a mentor yet, finding one is essential. Until then, let DERMASCOPE help you out. We asked these skin care pioneers a series of questions that detail their journey to the top.
Walk through the leading ingredients, products, equipment, and treatments that changed the aesthetics game. Read about their origin and how they evolved into the industry giants they are today.
For the last 40 years, DERMASCOPE Magazine has featured products and equipment that helped to shape the industry. This special anniversary department celebrates some of the products that DERMASCOPE is sure will shape the next 40 years of aesthetics.
No matter how successful they are today, every skin care professional started somewhere. Using their experience and knowledge to look back on their humble beginnings, these aesthetic experts explain what they wish they had known when they first started their career in the industry.
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January 2022

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