Good Sleep Good Skin

Working hard all day? Want to party all night? Not the best idea for your skin. Studies show that a good night’s sleep will make your skin look younger and fresher. Good sleep, good skin!

Good Sleep Good Skin

Did you know that while you are sleeping, your body is working hard? During night sleep hours is when repair and the rejuvenating process takes place in your body.

Cell Regeneration

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is responsible for cell growth and cell rejuvenation. Studies have noted that HGH is released more while you sleep, than during your waking hours.  While you are sleeping, your human machine is trying to correct the damage to your skin from the sun, stress, food, and the environment. The better you sleep the better your cell regeneration is, the better your skin is.


Read more about the benefits of sleeping for you skin here.....

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