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Online Resources for Skin Care Professionals

Written by   Michael Lewis

It does not matter if you are new to the industry or a highly skilled expert – there are always new ways to grow in your profession. Do this by choosing the right product line; keeping your skills sharp staying up with your education; seeking advice for those hard-to-handle situations. DERMASCOPE has recently re-launched our website and we have added several noteworthy resources to help with all aspects of your career. 



The Community is a place where all professionals in the skin care industry can go to collaborate and network online. While there are many professional groups available on social websites, none of them cater to a specific audience and there are not industry specific communities. Having a membership in a highly professional community creates a dynamic environment, allowing professionals to seek out others with problems to solve. An online community is often the shortest route to a solution. DERMASCOPE has integrated multiple tools to help you connect with other skin care professionals on DERMASCOPE.com.


  • Member Profiles – Creating your profile is the first step in joining. The profile will establish your presence on the website, tell others who you are, and display your latest activities.
  • Discussion Forum – This is the place where members go to seek or give advice, find solutions, or discuss their ideas or opinions.
  • Groups – Groups allow members to collaborate in a smaller circle, on a much more personal level. Each group has its own photos, events, discussions and file sharing capabilities.
  • Events – With tradeshows, product and equipment training classes, webinars, and continuing education classes happening all over the country, it can be difficult to find what is right for you. With our Events manager, you can easily search and find what is best and most convenient for you.
  • Blogs – Community blogs allow members to create their own content to share with other members. Whether its philosophical thoughts or professional opinions, everyone's blogs are welcome. You can also browse and follow other member's blogs in the community.
  • Connections – Get in touch with industry leaders by staying active online. Connect with people you trust and can use as reliable sources.

products-guideProducts Guide

Building a successful business is hard work, but finding the right products and equipment does not have to be. Whether you are self-employed or the owner of a business with multiple employees, you face challenges when it comes to finding and choosing the best products for your clients. The purpose of our Products Guide is to help you answer questions, assess your needs, and provide you with the right tools to find the best solutions for your business.

  • Company Portals – The company portals within the Products Guide are designed to give you as much information as possible so you can accurately compare which provider is best for you. Imagine the portals to be the company's website, all under DERMASCOPE.com. You will find information on the company's core values, products and even training events.
  • Search – If you already know what you are looking for, the company search on the home page of the Products Guide is all you need. Just type in the name of the company to find their company portal. If you are not sure, then our advanced search is designed to simplify the search process. You can search by keyword (ingredient, product name, or any other word or phrase that might be found in a company's portal), company name, location or product type.
  • Product News and Trends – Lastly, the Products Guide features articles on the latest product information. This includes trends, ingredients, treatments and new product developments to help keep you up-to-date in the industry.

education-guideEducation Guide

Once you have earned your aesthetics license, the education days are still far from over. Many states mandate hours of continued education in order to maintain your license. Keeping up with the requirements and making sure you have completed them can be difficult. With the Education Guide, DERMASCOPE has made this process much easier. The Education Guide is your resource to finding all types of education. The following tools are available on our website to help with all your educational needs.

  • State Board Requirements – DERMASCOPE maintains relationships with each state board to make sure the latest requirements are online and readily available to you.
  • Search – Similar to the Products Guide, the Education Guide has two searches for your convenience. If you know the name of the school you are looking for and want to check their current class offerings and schedule, you will want to use the basic school search on the Education Guide home page. If you want to search for a class on a particular topic or in a specific area, you will use the advanced search tool.

Articles and Industry News

With 40 years of content history, DERMASCOPE.com offers thousands of educational articles to its members. From business tips to step-by-step techniques, you will want to be sure to check back frequently to get the latest information.

  • Featured Articles – DERMASCOPE.com follows the same editorial schedule as the magazine; however the website offers much more content. Online-only material is published often, so be sure to read up on all the new content each time you log on!
  • Extended Content – Did you read a great article in the magazine that featured a "Read More" icon? Visit the website to check up on content that we could not fit in the magazine.

With so many new developing areas of our industry, it can be hard to find the guidance you need. Since the 1980s DERMASCOPE's mission has been to raise the standards of education and public awareness of the aesthetics industry. To do that, we must empower the professionals of our industry. No matter what level you are at, DERMASCOPE.com is here to take your career to the next level through the gathering of the community of aestheticians.






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