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As a practitioner in the beauty industry for a decade, I believe I have experienced every high and low one could encounter. I have had overflowing appointment books and spent countless hours waiting for the phone to ring. I have worked on commissions, for hourly wages, and as an independent contractor. I have made many clients laugh and I have made a few cry. I have wanted to build and I have wanted to quit – and for brief periods of time I did. But even after the times I had become frustrated with whatever situation, I always came back to the realization that there was nothing that I loved more than this industry.

laptopThe opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life, to heal someone’s spirit, to be a counselor, mentor, and occasional shoulder, has always made me feel as though I had a greater purpose. So if I find so much joy in what I do, why would I experience burnout? I found that it was from not having the proper resources and influences to help keep my passion alive. Passion is a living, breathing energy and it constantly needs to be nourished.
After returning to the salon from taking some time off, I stepped back and analyzed my patterns to ensure I changed my habits. My first step was to document the goals that I wanted to achieve. This led to my top five goals that I felt were crucial for my business’ (and for my personal) success. I wanted to be successful. I wanted to be busy but balanced. I wanted to work every day with the same enthusiasm I experienced when I first began in the industry. I wanted to apply the knowledge and skills that I had gained over so many years. And more than anything, I wanted to have an impact on people’s lives. Not every practitioner in the treatment room will want the same things out of this industry that you do. That means you have to look outside of your immediate surroundings for the sustenance to keep your passion alive. For longevity in the world of aesthetics, it is essential to find like-minded people that view this industry as a career as well.
It is a lot easier said than done. Everyone wants to be successful, but to each person success is defined differently. The owner of the spa that you work for will obviously be driven by different goals than the receptionist. And let’s say you want to be an owner of a spa. Are you going to honestly discuss your ambitions for outgrowing your current workplace or would you go to the spa up the street to ask them how they became successful? I would guess you would be more apt to choose the latter. So where do you turn when seeking this type of information? There is no doubt that you would search for these answers in someone who has personally accomplished similar goals within the same industry. My personal search for these mentors began online.
There is probably not one person reading this article who does not have multiple social media accounts. Whether it is Facebook or Twitter, whether you are into forums or blogs, chances are that you utilize them to draw the eyes of more business. If so, you are on the right track. But what about your educational needs from these networks? You may currently participate in some of the social media groups for the aesthetics industry. The question is, are you connected to a community or group filled with our industry’s leading educators? Are you involved in forums that are driven by passionate aestheticians seeking to learn and to share the knowledge they have accumulated over years of practical experience?
I would like to introduce you to a powerful tool that I wish I would have had at the beginning of my career. Having access to resources that are dynamic and engaging was not available 10 years ago. A resource like this would have helped shape the way I conducted my business in the salon and prevented some of the hiccups I encountered along the way.
In this ever-evolving profession, there will never be a point in which we stop learning. has provided the right environment to enhance that experience. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with how the 2014 Products and Education Guide will help you choose the product line that is right for you, advance your education, sharpen your skills, and obtain advice from your industry peers. Let’s get started.

The Community
The DERMASCOPE Community was created to give the aesthetic industry a place where professionals can easily seek advice on treatments and services, business building practices, employee situations and clients that are hard to handle. By creating a profile within the Community, you are opening the door to network with many of our industry’s leading educators who are constantly willing to give support and guidance. Join their group discussions for topics that we all can relate to, or reach out to them personally with a private message. Find like-minded people that will help keep you driven. By browsing through the blogs section, you can follow those who want to share motivational stories that we can gain from. In the Community, it is easy to develop relationships with peers from all over the world who want to collaborate and network. Professionals in the skin care industry are welcome to join and become engaged. DERMASCOPE has integrated multiple tools to help you connect with other skin care professionals on
groupMember Profiles – Creating your profile is the first step in telling everyone who you are and what areas in which you specialize. Your profile will help give others an idea of how to reach out and connect with you about common interests, skill sets, educational or experience backgrounds, and so on. You can also post status updates or share pictures to show what you are doing at the spa. You can also request members to be your colleague and keep in touch with other professionals.
Discussion Forum – Become an active member and join in on large discussions with fellow aestheticians. You can create countless topics in the forums and find answers to common questions and tips for an array of solutions. This is a great place to discuss your ideas and opinions.
Groups – If you are looking to find discussions, events and information on very specific topics, you can join or create a group that will cater to those specific interests. Do you want to learn more about laser hair removal? There is a group for that. Do you want know more about online marketing? There is a group for that. Do you want to know more about how to properly fire your clients when they have overstayed their welcome? Well, I have not seen that group, but you could create one and I am sure you will have many joining to share their advice in no time.
Events – Have you been wondering when the next professional tradeshow or training classes will be passing through your area? Maybe you would prefer to learn from the convenience of your computer. The events manager will provide you with an upcoming list of continuing education courses in your region and online.
Blogs – We follow them everywhere, but now you can draw inspiration from aestheticians who are living and experiencing similar situations as you. Discover other professional’s opinions on how to handle life as an aesthetician. You can also create your own blog and share it with a group online. It is amazing what we can learn from hearing someone else’s stories.
E-mails – Everyone has an e-mail address. Some have many. I have often seen people use their personal e-mail as their business e-mail. It is important to create and maintain a professional image.
DERMASCOPE has provided free professional e-mail addresses to anyone in the aesthetics industry who signs up. You no longer need to hand over your !This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to potential clients or manufacturers. Now you are able to be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This will help build and secure a more professional image.
Connections – It is not about what you know, it is about who you know… unless you are in the aesthetic industry. Then it is about the quality of the information you have obtained from the people you know. Having reliable sources with backgrounds you can trust is one of the most valuable tools you have access to. Capitalize on this.

“Are you connected to a community or group filled with our industry’s leading educators? Your future is in your hands. Make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead.”

The Products Guide
Selecting the right product line for your spa takes thought, planning and an abundant amount of research. The Products Guide simplifies this very important and time consuming project. Introducing you to hundreds of professional companies, the Products Guide has been developed to help you answer questions, assess your needs, and provide you with the right tools to successfully choose the line that is right for you. Whether you are an independent contractor or the owner of a new business, having all of this information available in one place will aid you in finding a successful match.
Company Portals – Google is a great resource, but what if you are looking to directly compare products and do not know the name of 50 different companies to start with? Do you want to spend all day scrolling each page looking at the company with the biggest marketing budget? If not, you can search in a professional database and accurately compare which provider is best for you. With an in-depth look at our industry’s manufacturers, distributors, private label brands, and trainers, you have access to the essential information you need when researching product lines for your spa. The only objective of the company portals is to provide skin care professionals with as much information as possible. All in one place.
cont-eduSearch – When you have down time between appointments, take advantage of this opportunity to learn something new to share with your clients. By using the search bar, you can easily find information on products with specific ingredients, on a product line your client just questioned you about, or find information about the product you are thinking about using.
Product News and Trends – Lastly, it is up to you to always know more than your clients. Stay up to date on the latest trends, fads, and celebrity potions before your clients come in waving the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. Having professional knowledge will help you guide your clients to or away from a service that they think they may want.

Continuing Your Education
Once we have obtained our license, it is easy to become comfortable and forget the rules and regulations that we are required to follow. To combat this, some states mandate continued hours of education to maintain our licenses. With all of the time we spend running our business, remembering to stay updated with recent changes can be difficult. has been developed to provide you with the latest information on classes and training to keep you current. The following tools are available on the DERMASCOPE website to help with all of your educational needs.
Search – Similar to the Products Guide, the search bar in the education section has the ability to help you find just the right advanced educational courses to enhance your career. Discover which courses are appropriate for you by searching through the DERMASCOPE webinars, classes, training events, and tradeshows.
Articles and Industry News – For over 40 years, DERMASCOPE Magazine has prized itself for being the encyclopedia of aesthetics whose main focus has been raising the standard of education and public awareness in the aesthetics industry. DERMASCOPE has archived thousands of educational articles and now they are available on Users have access to step-by-step techniques, business tips, and motivational resources all provided by the industry’s leading educators. And not just any leading educators, but the Aesthetics International Association’s Academy of Legends. These are educators who have dedicated their lives to helping others learn and grow and, as a result, have helped shape
our industry.
Featured Articles and Extended Content – Did you read a great article in the magazine that featured a Read More icon? With a limited amount of print space in DERMASCOPE Magazine, it is not possible to print all the important information educators have to share. However, does not share the same restrictions. With the ability to update information as soon as they receive it, it is important to make a habit of frequenting the website to view all of the online exclusives.

coverDERMASCOPE Magazine has developed a community website that is full of resources that are at your disposal. Whether you are looking to find someone to confide in, someone to share your stories and remedies with, or if you are just feeling lost and seeking advice for a particular set of circumstances, DERMASCOPE’s Community is here to provide you with a place to be heard.
The Products Guide is a place where you can find and cross-examine information about all of the manufacturers, distributors, private label brands, and trainers in the industry. DERMASCOPE wants to make sure that you have all the information you need to make the most logical decisions for your business. Every page of is here to serve you. Your future is in your hands. Make sure you are prepared for the journey ahead.
Last and most importantly, our industry is constantly developing and changing. While the fundamentals we learn in school will forever apply, there will always be a need for growth. We have been honored with the gift of being able to touch someone, heal someone, and help someone – the gift to literally change people’s lives. This is something we should never forget. It is our obligation to maintain our thirst for knowledge and make it a priority to better ourselves as aestheticians. When we lose sight of what drives us in this industry, we begin to negatively affect those we initially intended to help. Stay connected to our leaders and peers in the DERMASCOPE Community. Utilize the tools available to you. Make sure that you are surrounded by influences that will not only help you stay on track with your business’ goals, but will also provide you with the inner sustenance you need to continue doing what you love for this year and many years to come.

kenna-strunk 2014Kenna Strunk was born with a passion for the beauty industry. Driven by her enthusiasm, she graduated from the Ogle School of Hair, Skin and Nails at 18 years old. After 10 years behind the chair, Strunk became the Sales Director for DERMASCOPE Magazine and is currently assisting manufacturers and distributors with their own marketing and retail strategies. Working with some of the industry’s leaders in aesthetics broadened her education and experience even further with regard to the products themselves, as well as maximizing retails sales and boosting service menus.

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