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Oxygen deficiency is a problem impacting a growing number of people in this day and age. Oxygen deficiency impacts a person’s quality of life as well as his or her overall health and wellbeing over the long term.

Reasons for Oxygen Deficiency in the 21st Century:

There are three primary reasons why many people suffer from oxygen deficiency. First, there has been a change in the concentration of oxygen in the environment in recent years. The oxygen content is about 19 to 21 percent of air people breath, depending on where they reside. Just 30 years ago, the oxygen content clocked in at 22%. 100 years ago, the available oxygen was 38%.

The second primary reason why people in the 21st century suffer from oxygen deficiency is dietary decisions. A typical person eats a good amount of processed and junk food on a regular basis. These categories of food products are low in oxygen and high in what really are toxic chemicals and preservatives.

Finally, a major reason why a good number of people suffer from oxygen deficiency stems from the persistent physical and emotional stress they face. Stress robs the human body of necessary oxygen.

What is Ozone?

Oxygen, or O2, is vital to human existence. If the human body is deprived of oxygen for more than six minutes, a person is likely to die. Ozone is considered to be a form of oxygen and is also known as trioxygen. The difference between oxygen and ozone is found in the fact that ozone contains an extra oxygen atom.

Ozone forms through the interaction between oxygen and ultraviolet light or electrical discharges in the atmosphere. Ozone is present in small concentrations in the earth’s atmosphere.

Ozone Therapy Garners Mainstream Acceptance

Ozone treatment is not some sort of outlying procedure. Rather, not only has ozone been utilized for medical purposes in the past, contemporary research supports the efficacy of this process. A growing number of traditional health care practitioners are recommending this type of therapy for their patients.

Ozone Therapy for Skin

Ozone therapy for skin is becoming more widely utilized as a means to give a person a more vibrant, healthy and youthful appearance. This course of treatment enhances the overall health and functioning of a person’s cells. This includes skin cells and the red blood cells that provide nourishment to the skin.

Ozone treatment also assists in eliminating certain wastes and toxins that negatively impact the appearance of a person’s skin. It also assists in activating those elements of a person’s system that fight the effects of free radicals, an operation that is also beneficial to an individual’s skin.

Holistic Approach to Healthy and Wellness

Some practitioners that utilize ozone treatments for their patients or clients take a truly holistic approach to health and wellness. They believe in addressing the needs of the entire body, rather than just focusing on specific symptoms or complaints.

In such a scenario, ozone treatments become a part of a comprehensive course of improving a person’s overall wellness. Another component is likely to be nutrition.

By taking this type of holistic approach to human wellness, a person seeking assistance can experience more immediate results through the use of ozone and some other complementary treatments of modalities. Moreover, by taking a comprehensive whole-body approach, ozone treatment can prove to be a major element in long-term improvements in a person’s life.

A practitioner can map out a comprehensive wellness program for a patient or client that includes ozone treatments and other types of treatment or therapy. Ozone treatments are available at clinics in many different locations around the globe.

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