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Founded in 1950, CIDESCO Section Italy is the second European stop of DERMASCOPE’s Around the World in 12 IssuesThe president of this section is Dr. Andrea Bovero; he is a trainer, consultant, opinion leader, and successful book author.Bovero is one of the most appreciated experts and spa critics in the world. This section speaks on this CIDESCO section’s history of the spa world, as well as the partnerships and trends they have made along the way. 

What beauty or aesthetic trends are unique to your section’s country? How do these trends differ from the traditional style in the industry?

Italy is famous all over the world for its made in Italy and quality of life. These elements deeply reflect the areas of beauty and well-being, creating a unique and distinctive style. The Italian brands that produce cosmetics, perfumes, clothing, and fashion accessories are globally known and appreciated. The products are studied in detail and inspired by the highest standards of artisanal manufacturing tradition.

Considering the spa world, thermalism was born in Rome, Italy thousands of years ago and has reached a diffusion of influenceThe Roman baths were structures very similar to modern wellness centers and were open to all social classes. They were places of meeting and socialization, in which the ancient Romans spent their time to regenerate the mind and the body. This millennial tradition has influenced the development of wellness in Italy, interpreting it in an original way and directing it towards playful and cultural dimensions that are unique and inimitable.

Are there any current events or news in your country that is impacting the industry?

Thanks to a broad network of relationships, CIDESCO Section Italy participates actively in some of the most important events that influence the international spa industry. International Spa Association is the first full immersion. The project was created with the aim of training new talents and launching them into the wellness world as managers, consultants, and marketing and communication experts. Spa & Beauty ForumCongresso Nazionale CIDESCO is the reference point for the spa business and the most important moment of the year. Here operators and entrepreneurs meet the most important players in the wellness market.SPACE99Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is the temporary spa ofCosmoprof Worldwide BolognaIt is described as a futuristic project and emotional wellness path, realized thanks to a valuable contribution of leading companies in the International Wellness Market. SparklingGran GalaIn Spa is a new way to experience the spa between luxury, wellness, excellence, and fun. This gala evening is enjoyed in bathrobes with a unique moment to experience the innovative frontiers of wellness.

Are there any recent accomplishments and/or recent celebrations or anniversaries your section would like to highlight?

“In 2020, CIDESCO Section Italy reachean important milestone celebrating 70-years of affiliation to CIDESCO International.”

What would you say your general statement of purpose for the industry is?

CIDESCO Section Italy aims to promote integration between professionals through the exchange of experience and information in order to promote corporate interests at national and international levels. We also aim to promote the training of operators to increase their level of professionalism and competence. We desire to carry out research and training projects in collaboration with universities and other institutions and enhance the commitment of professionals who stand out for their quality and excellence.

What are your section’s plans to continue its position and/or aspirations for the future?

“Over the years, CIDESCO Section Italy has activated important collaborations with many experts and prestigious research organizations in the beauty and wellness field to promote thegrowth of its members with the aim of expanding the whole chain of the aesthetic and well-being. The health emergency of recent months has once again shifted the focus of communication and generating new and unexpected social phenomena. At this delicate time, it will be essential to intercept new guidelines to follow to efficiently communicate with consumers, starting with their actual needs. Reassurance, affection, authenticity, technology, and training are just some of the keywords on which CIDESCO Section Italy will aim to help the beauty and wellness sector in a changing market.

What distinctions of the section as a whole are contributing to the betterment of the beauty industry?

CIDESCO Section Italy is a partner of the International Spa Association, the most important community dedicated to the growth, success, and development of business in the areas of wellness and beauty. A project created to leave a distinctive mark and to meet the needs of operators, schools, and companies, through training courses of the highest level and strategic consulting with the best professionals specialized in the wellness market. Surely, the International Spa Association and the commitment of CIDESCO Section Italy in the coming yearswill contribute to the growth and development of the whole chain of the beauty industry.

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