How Americans Are Taking Care of Themselves During Quarantine

Written by Amy Taub

Often used as a recruitment tool, remote work is a perk that many employees cherish. But, when it becomes a day-to-day reality, as it has in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak, how do employees cope?


Advanced Dermatology surveyed 1,451 employees who are currently working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. Many respondents say they are keeping up with their daily routines, but others are letting them fall to the wayside.


  • 20% admit to brushing their teeth less than normal
  • 33% say they are showering and doing laundry less often
  • 54% are becoming concerned about potential weight gain during quarantine
  • 61% say they are doing their hair less
  • 19 % are regularly wearing makeup


It is inevitable that with the sudden change comes a bevy of disrupted habits and routines in employees’ work lives. As workdays take on new forms, it is only natural that change extends to personal lives as well, including hygiene and beauty habits.


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