Elina Organics Brings 1st icoone Face and Body Firming Services to Chicago

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I am excited to share some beauty news from Elina Organics. We are now the 1st and the ONLY spa in Chicago to have a new face and body firming machine from Italy called icoone LASER.


The newest icoone® LASER features Roboderm®, an innovative patented technology that combines a new generation of Independent Motorized Microstimulators with the power of LED and LASER. This innovative combination offers a gentle yet efficient skin stimulation with noticeable results from the first treatment. This revolutionary technology offers a safe and pleasant new approach to aesthetic treatments. icoone is able to lift, massage and stimulate the connective tissue, reducing the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, draining the excess liquids and firming the skin. This stand-alone device is ideal for the treatment of the face, neck and cleavage, the outline of a face, eyes, and lips, expression lines, and deep wrinkles.


This patented, FDA-cleared system is the only technology in the world to deliver multi-micro alveolar stimulation, combined with dual-wavelength laser energy. Unlike other non-invasive procedures that can cause discomfort, redness, bruising or require recovery time, icoone® treatments are completely pain-free, with zero side effects or downtime. In fact, treatments induce a feeling of wellness and relaxation, as the twin handpieces simulate a two-hands massage. Patients can immediately resume their normal activities, including physical work or exercise regimens.


icoone® Anti-Aging Treatment for Face and Neck

45 minutes: $180
Package of 10 (Price/Session): $160

Restore your face and neck contour and firm your skin with the icoone® elastin and collagen boosting technology. This is combined with Elina Organics' rejuvenating treatments.


icoone® Eye Treatment

30 minutes: $130
Package of 10 (Price/Session): $110

Rejuvenate your eye area and reduce puffiness and crow's feet with skin rejuvenating icoone® technology and Elina Organics specialty formulations for the delicate eye area.


icoone® Lip Rejuvenating Treatment

30 minutes: $130
Package of 10 (Price/Session): $110

Rejuvenate your lip area and bring more volume to your lips with collagen elastin boosting icoone® technology combined with Elina Organics skin-restoring treatments.


icoone® with Soft Laser Body Remodeling and Tissue Firming Treatment

Consultation & Trial Appointment: $145
45 minutes: $200
Package of 10 (Price/Session): $180
Package of 20 (Price/Session): $160

Remove even stubborn cellulite with this micro tissue-stimulating corrective Roboderm® technology. Schedule a consultation and trial appointment to see the results for yourself after the first treatment.

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