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Elixheal skincare products feature a 7-year old extensive research and dedication, following an eclectic approach towards numerous scientific doctrines.

Our greatest achievement is a synergistic system based on a balance of action-reaction of the ingredients from the inside to the outside and furthermore take advantage of the synergies that occur within the formulas:

Each contains the "seed" of the other, which is the key point to generate a positive balance aimed at increasing the penetrability and producing an immediately visible effect.

"Less is More"
The control-increase and reduction-of specific doses in the formulas can ensure a continued activity in time.
We applied this criteria in order to obtain a synergy able to grant the higher rate of effectiveness.

We gurantee the quality of all of our references. Each one is submitted to several control tests before, during and after production to ensure that all the formulations always match thier specifications on appearance, quality and performances.


Elixheal Skincare

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Miami, Florida 33132